The history and highlights of Zakimi Castle [Okinawa’s World Heritage Site]

Zakimi Castle

Introduction of Zakimi Castle

Zakimi Castle is located in the central part of Okinawa’s main island, Yomitan-son, and is a mountain castle at a height of 120m, also known as Yomitan Yamashiro. Gusuku and related heritage groups).
In addition, it was selected as one of Japan’s Top 100 Castles.

The Okinawa castle, and was better unusual castle age is known clearly, ahead Nakijin Castle which is the main bloodlines 読谷山按司(Yomitanyamaji) Gosamaru when became the jailer of Nakijin Castle, The castle was built between 1416 and 1422.

Gosamaru was said to have carried Yamada Castle, an old castle, by breaking down the stone walls, and also hired people from Amami Oshima and Kerama Island to build the castle.

Since it is Zakimi Castle with this beautiful silhouette, Gosamaru is sung as a master of the castle.

Zakimi Castle has become a military fortress suitable for actual battles, such as hiding warriors, but Gosamaru says that he also traded with the mainland Japan, so maybe there were servants who had experience building castles on the mainland Japan. ? I imagine how.
Also, Gosamaru seemed to have had a great deal of tactical knowledge during the battle, and he seemed to be strong.

Sightseeing Zakimi Castle

The arched castle gate which is the oldest in Okinawa is also wonderful.

Because it is an arch gate with stone walls, this requires advanced civil engineering at that time.


Then, in 1422, Gosamaru moved to Zakimi Castle as the home of Sho-Bashishi and made it his hometown.
After that, he has been defending Zakimi Castle for 18 years before moving to Nakagusuku Castle on the order of Shuri Wangfu .


The last 18 years have been the only peaceful time for a great general, Gosamaru.

However, some of the silhouettes below also give the impression that the technology of mainland Japan is included.


The 360-degree panoramic view of the hills allows you to see Cape Zanpa and, on a clear day, the Kerama Islands, indicating that it is a useful place for overseas trade.

During the Pacific War in 1945, a Japanese army gun was set up in the castle.
It was destroyed in the Battle of Okinawa and became a U.S. military communication base after the war, but after being returned, excavations and restoration of damaged parts were carried out between 1973 and 1985, and it is now open for free for 24 hours.

Transportation to the Zakimi Castle

Access and directions to Zakimi Castle are about 1 hour by car from Naha Airport and about 45 minutes by highway from Naha City.

The parking lot at the ruins of Zakimi Castle is free and there are first and second (for large vehicles).

Near the entrance of the castle, Takakura and a stone mill have been restored.


The approximate time required for sightseeing at Zakimi Castle Ruins is about 40 minutes.
Summer is hot, so don’t forget the hydration system.
Map of Zakimi Castle Ruins