Umagase – A scenic view and cliff spot at Cape Hyuga


Sightseeing Umagase

Umagase is a scenic spot near the southern tip of Nippo Kaigan Quasi-National Park, located at the tip of Hososhima, Hyuga-shi, Miyazaki Prefecture and at the tip of Cape Hyuga (Hososhima Peninsula).

It is said that Umagagashi is such a name when looking at Cape Hinata from the sea surface, because the rising rock surface resembles the back of a horse.
However, from land, I did not understand.

Lava from the volcano that erupted about 15 million years ago flows, cools and hardens, and becomes a cliff formed by erosion by waves.
It is 200 meters deep and spans a 10 meter wide sea channel.
The scale was large, and the camera did not see the whole image.
The part before the top photo is as follows.


The height of this observatory is about 70m, and I was terrified of height phobia.

It seems to be the largest column joint in the country due to welded tuff.

There is " Tojinbo " in Fukui prefecture when it says columnar joint , but it is powerful because the horseback is a ria style and precipitous, so it’s scary.
There are various dynamic shapes. There were two explosions.

Even if you are walking, you don’t usually see Cocos trees, so did you come abroad?
And you fall into the illusion.

Transportation to the Umagase

As for transportation access, take the Miyazaki Kotsu bus from Hinata Station on the JR Kyushu Railway and get off at the Mihogagaura Park bus stop, which takes about 10 minutes on foot.
There is a free parking lot with a stand, from which the paved road extends.
The promenade is slightly downhill, but I felt that there was no big difference in elevation. A 5- to 10-minute walk will take you to the observation deck at Umagaka.
It seems that there is a course on the way back to Hososhima Lighthouse on a different route, so if you have time, please.

It is about 3 minutes by car to the sea of ​​Cruz where your wish will come true, so please come with a set.
Map of Umagase