Udo Jingu Shrine-There is a lucky ball to throw in the hole of Kameishi


Introduction of Udo Jingu Shrine

Udo Jingu Shrine is a shrine located in Nichinan City, Miyazaki Prefecture. It is a shrine with a beautiful landscape and a long history.
Its origin is unknown, but it has been a sacred place for marine religions since ancient times.
The main shrine is a large hole on the middle of the coast (cliff) facing the Hyuga Nada, 38 m east-west, 29 m north-south, and 8.5 m high in a cave (sea cave).
In this cave, Toyama princess and Toyoma himejin (Toyota himejin), which also appear in the Nihon Shoki and Kojiki, give birth to the main priest gods, Ugayafuki Aez It is said that the place where the birth house was set up.


The birthplace of Hikonagi Satake is the father of Emperor Jinmu .

On this edge, it is said that Emperor Sojin called the six pillar god “Rokusho Gongen", and when Emperor Suiko built a shrine in a rock cave, he called it Udo Shrine.


Sightseeing Udo Jingu Shrine

I will describe the precincts of Udo Jingu Shrine while introducing them with photos, followed by a splendid gate.

When you enter from the tower gate, you will cross the Shinbashi (Tamabashi), which does not use any nails, and descend down the stone steps along the cliff to visit.

It is a “shrine" under the stairs, which is rare in Japan for a shrine.


There is a large hole on the cliff side where you descend the stairs, as shown below, and the main shrine is inside it.


The shrine in the hole that can be said to be one of the most spiritual spots in Miyazaki is a Gongenzo (eight-building) shingle roof that combines the main shrine, the bill shrine and the shrine.

The shrine was rebuilt by Yoshisuke Ito in Eiroku 3 (1560) of the Sengoku period .


Later, in the Edo period, Kanei 8 (1631) was rebuilt by the Obi feudal lord Yukei Ito, and in 1641 it was restored by Yuhisa Ito.
Below is a stone pagoda dedicated by Yuki Ito.


Also, in the first year of Masatoku (1711), there was a remodeling by the lord, Yumi Ito, and it was renovated to the present day.
When you come, turn left and turn around to the back of the shrine. There is a milkstone in the deep part of the cave.


It is said that when Toyodahime left Watatsumi-kun, she attached the left breast for her child.
This rock protrudes from above, and it is said that it has two projections resembling the breast, but at a glance I did not understand well.
I couldn’t see it like milk, but I didn’t look closely at the girodillo because foreigners seemed to think, “What’s that Japanese?"
Therefore, the photograph is out of focus, sorry.


However, from the projection of the rock, water has fallen, and from the legend that candy made with “milk" was replaced by breast milk, “Ochichiame" made with Shimizu is also sold. You.
Breast milk is said to improve, and it seems to be a popular souvenir.

Since she is a god who benefits marriages, safe delivery and child treasures, she says she is Shanshan Madouchu, and until the beginning of the Taisho era, newlyweds in Miyazaki had customs to visit Udo-san.

Returning to the front of the cave, there is a “reishi kameishi" on the coast in front.


It is said that a wish is fulfilled by throwing a luck ball into the hole (hollow) opened in this turtle stone and entering it brilliantly.
Lunch balls (undama) can be purchased for 100 yen each.
This was also a very difficult game because no man had to throw with his left hand, and no one was inside.
However, there is a story that the person who actually succeeded said that the wish was fulfilled at that time, so it seems to be really profitable.

The origin of Udo Jingu Shrine is as described above, but the strange stones on the coast at the end of the following barrier have caught my eye.


Somehow, it looks like an animal.
Click each photo to enlarge.

I don’t say it’s a cormorant, but it looked like a chicken, is it just me?

However, after returning to the Kanto area, I found that this rock and shrine had nothing to do with my worries.
By the way, the ambassador of Udo Jingu is not a turtle but a rabbit, but Izumo is often a rabbit, so it may be related to rabbits.


Udo Jingu Shrine is located on the coast, and when it gets dark, there are some dangerous places, so you cannot go in and out at night.
Also, there are shrines inside the stairs and holes in nature, so it may be a bit dangerous if you use high heels.
Although it is not business hours, worship is possible from April to September from 6:00 to 19:00 in the morning and from October to March from 7:00 to 18:00 in the winter.


Transportation to the Udo Jingu Shrine

It is recommended to stop at the first parking lot by car.
There were cafe shops etc at the entrance of Udo Jingu Shrine.


By train or bus, take the bus bound for Nichinan from Miyako City for about 70 minutes, and get off at Udo Jingu entrance bus stop.


However, from the bus stop which is also the parking lot for the sightseeing bus, it is like walking over one mountain for about 30 minutes, so the elderly may be harsh.
Among the tour conductors, we call it “Exercise (Undo) Shrine".
If possible, it is easy to visit a general car or rental car to go to a parking area where general cars can be accommodated.

There is information that Hatsumode is 2 to 3 hours before entering the parking lot, and then it is 1 hour to be in a line to visit, but Udo Shrine has a very good view on a sunny day and feels very much It is a good place.
It is a very unique and mysterious shrine, so I hope you will visit us.
Map of Udo Jingu Shrine