How to Enjoy Tsutenkaku for the First Time – How to Avoid Failure at a Classic Spot in Osaka


Osaka city
The current Tsutenkaku is the second generation completed in 1956 (Showa 31), but it was designed by Tanaka Naito, also known as the designer of Tokyo Tower.

Introduction of Tsutenkaku

What makes Tsutenkaku interesting is that the road is directly under the tower.
Seismic isolation has been added to the seismic isolation structure, and the structure has been strengthened to withstand even if the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake occurs directly below, and the safety aspects have been strengthened.


Tsutenkaku Sightseeing

The way to enter Tsutenkaku is from the entrance on the 1st floor, go down to the “1st basement floor" by stairs or elevator.
The basement is a souvenir shop, but as you go further down, there is an observation ticket counter.

Once you have bought your ticket, you will board the elevator according to the instructions of the attendant, but this elevator only goes up to the second floor.
Go around the 2nd floor and get a stub of the admission ticket, and go up to the 5th floor observatory with a different elevator.

The general observatory at Tsutenkaku is 87.5m above the ground.
The Golden Billiken Temple is also enshrined on the fifth floor.
Mr. Billiken says that good luck comes when he strokes his soles.

Mr. Billiken

This BILLIKEN was created in 1908 by a female American artist, Florence Pritz, based on the unique god he dreamed of.
It quickly gained popularity in the United States as the “mascot of happiness" and the “god of fortune", and became very popular all over the world and was also a lucky charm in Japan.

After enjoying the view from the 5th floor, take the stairs to the 4th floor.
By the way, if you have physical strength, you can go down the stairs.
The descending elevator stops on the third floor.
There are dioramas and cafes on the third floor, so you can relax.

Then, when you get off the elevator from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor, it feels like you’re back at a souvenir shop at the exit.

In this way, the tour course is a bit more complicated than before, so it takes a minimum of 30 minutes for sightseeing and the rest is up to the crowds.

There is also a special observatory “Tenbo Paradise”, which is 94.5m above the ground and at the top of Tsutenkaku.
Although the observation corridor is compact with a diameter of 8.5 m, it is a special space that you can not usually enter.

This special observatory looks like the roof of a general observatory roof (rooftop) instead of the indoor with a roof.
To climb the special observatory, you need to pay an extra charge (500 yen) at the entrance of the general observatory.
What is interesting is that if you make a reservation in advance, you can “charter" this special observation deck for 15,000 yen.
By saying that it can be chartered by at least two people, it will be used for love confession and proposal.
While watching the night view, there are many people who are longing for something like a drama scene that two people do not know?

I went to Tsutenkaku after a long time.
There are quite a few things in the business, and I felt like I saw the best of Osaka merchants.

It is a neon sign that tells the weather forecast, an advertisement for Hitachi, and it is a sightseeing spot that you want to leave to future generations.
The above is a simple strategy of Tsutenkaku, but please read it carefully so that you do not fail, and we hope that you can visit.

Transportation to the Tsutenkaku

To get to Tsutenkaku, Ebisucho Station on the Osaka Municipal Subway Sakaisuji Line is convenient.
When you take Exit 3 of Ebisucho Station, it will be a 5-minute walk through the shopping street.
It is also 5 minutes from Ebisucho Station, the end point of the Hankai Line “Sakai Line".
This Hankai train is the only tram in Osaka, but does not run on roads near Tsutenkaku.

You can enter the hotel at a discount by presenting the Osaka Economy One Day Pass “Enjoy Eco Card" at the reception of the Tentenkaku.

Business hours are from 9am to 20:30 pm.

There are also Tennoji Park and Tennoji Zoo nearby, so if you have time, please have a set.

There is no parking, so you will need to use nearby coin parking.
Map of Tsutenkaku