Toyosu Market Points to enjoy free tour course without fail


Introduction of Toyosu Market

Toyosu Market will become one of the new Tokyo kitchens and the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market, which opened in October 2018 in place of the old Tsukiji Market.
A general tour course has been set up with consideration for hygiene, making it possible to observe tuna and other fishery products and fruits and vegetables at a close distance without reservation.
The tour of Toyosu Market is “free" unless there is something special.
In addition, there are many merchandise stores and restaurants that can be used by general customers in the facilities of Toyosu Market.
So, before going to the Toyosu Market, I would like to focus on how to gain and know how to avoid failure.

3 restaurants

The Toyosu Market is roughly divided into three large buildings, the Fisheries Wholesale Wholesale Building, the Fisheries Wholesale Building, and the Fruits and Vegetables Building.
Therefore, please understand that the restaurant area where shops and shops where you can eat as Toyosu Market Gourmet is divided into three.

On the north side, the Fisheries Wholesale Wholesale Building (3rd floor) houses 22 stores, including sushi, Japanese, Chinese, Western and beef bowl restaurants.
There are 13 stores including sushi, seafood bowl, curry, tempura, dangoya in the fisheries wholesale building (3rd floor) in the southwest.
The photo below shows the restaurant area in the Fisheries Wholesale Building (3rd floor).


We had a seafood bowl with a Japanese food, seafood bowl, but it was 5,000 yen (tax included) for two people.
The amount was normal, but of course it was delicious.
However, it was 11:30 on a weekday morning, but there was a line of about 30 people.
Every restaurant is very crowded.
If you are aiming for lunch lunch, you want to arrive before 11am.

The fruit and vegetable building in the southeast has four stores including sushi, soba, and tempura.

Business hours and regular holidays vary depending on the store.
It’s not a food court, it’s like a shopping street with independent shops gathered, so some shops are closed on the day you visit.
When I visited Toyosu Market right after the opening, the store was not yet ready for opening (opening preparation, interior decoration, import, etc.), and it took more than one week to reach the opening date. There were quite a few shops and shops with closed shutters.
As a result, the crowding of restaurants seems to be spurring it.

Souvenir shops etc.

The merchandise store is located on the 4th floor of the Fisheries Wholesale Wholesale Building on the north side, and is home to about 70 stores, including skipjackets, tea, pickles, kitchen knives, packaging supplies, and souvenir shops such as T-shirts.
It is the best place to buy food such as seafood at the end of the year.


It can be said that it is a new tourist spot as Toyosu Market “Uogashi Yokocho".
Celebrity Terry Ito’s older brother runs “Marutake” of egg-baked (egg-yaki), so I purchased it.

It was not so expensive and it was delicious.

Click here for store map

In addition, there are panel exhibitions on the tour course, so you can enjoy various things.

Tale of the topic was also exhibited.

Now, the scene that walks while Tale is running has become a reality.
However, at Tsukiji Market in the past, there were many cases where even when many people walked in the aisle, the tare passed at the last minute speed at the last minute gap.
To be honest, I sometimes felt that driving manners were bad, but now it is divided as a tour course, so it is safe to be separated.

Closed on Sundays and public holidays

As in Tsukiji Market, markets such as Toyosu Market have regular holidays called “holiday days”.
It is not always open 365 days a day, but has around 258 business days a year.

As a general rule, it is open from Monday to Saturday.
Saturday is okay unless it is a holiday, but the rest is “Sunday", “Holiday" and “Some Wednesday".

Is it a holiday on the calendar of the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market ? Please check if you are doing.

As mentioned above, even on days when the Toyosu Market is open, individual shops may have separate regular holidays, so please confirm.

In addition, business hours are open from 5:00 to 17:00 in the morning.
It is closed at night and cannot be stopped for dinner.

Tuna auction

If you want to see the tuna auction (tuna auction):
The place will be a walkway for visitors to the Toyosu Market “Wholesale of Fisheries" (Block 7).
The auction takes place between 5:30 am and 6:30 am in the early morning.
At Tsukiji Market, the number of people to visit was limited due to the limited space available for viewing, but the number of people at Toyosu Market is not currently limited.
Of course, we are not on holidays, so please be careful.
However, sanitation has been strengthened at the Toyosu Market so that dust and other foreign matter does not enter from outside, so visitors are allowed to tour through glass.
For this reason, even if you take a picture with a camera, it reflects off the glass, making it difficult to take a picture.

I can’t hear any sound, and I don’t even know the smell of fish.


The “Visitor Deck" on the first floor will be released from Tuesday, January 15, 2019.
On the visitor deck, there is a gap in the glass window so that you can hear the shouts when you are making auctions, so I’m looking forward to it.

In addition, it was announced that the entrance to the tuna during the tuna auction will be a “lottery" in advance, as in Tsukiji, since the tour deck can only hold about 100 people.

Toyosu market tuna auction tour pre-lottery

However, the part of the second floor visitor passage is outside the lottery, so even if you have not won, you can see the auction from the top. (Sounds are not heard and some are difficult to see …)

Tuna “sell tour time" is a shift system from 5:45 am to 6:15 am, and the meeting time of the winners is 5:30 in the morning.
For this reason, you must get on the Yurikamome “Toyosu" station at the first train at 5:15 to get in time.
If you stay at a hotel in Tokyo, you have to go by taxi to find it difficult.
The way to get to the 3rd floor from the road (ground) to the Toyosu Market tour course is difficult to understand if it is dark for the first time.
Therefore, you should get off at the traffic light in front of the market and go up the stairs from the sidewalk to the deck.

The time required for a regular tour (total tour) of the Toyosu Market is 2 hours, so if you visit all 3 buildings, the time of souvenir shops and restaurants is not taken into account.
If you don’t have the time, is it just about 60 minutes for a round trip from Yurikamome Market Station by the Fisheries Building alone?
I walk quite a bit.

In addition, a commercial and tourist facility “Senkaku Banrai Facility” will be built near the market station, with the aim of opening in 2023.

Transportation to the Toyosu Market

The nearest station is “Shijo-mae"

The closest station to Toyosu Market is “Market-mae" station of “Yurikamome" (Tokyo Rinkai New Transit Rinkai Line).
Yurikamome is a transportation system (AGT, a type of railway) that runs on rubber tires.


From Shimbashi station, it takes about 30 minutes to reach the market (Shijomae).
From Toyosu Station, the second station is about 5 minutes.


From the market station to the Toyosu market, it is connected by a covered pedestrian deck (pedestrian bridge), so you can go directly to the visitor course without getting down to the ground.
It is about 5 minutes on foot.

Toyosu market

Until 2015, the market station was the station with the fewest users in Tokyo and was also called the “Urban Unexplored Station", so there are few ticket machines.
Ticket vending machines are lined up for travelers, so we recommend that you use a transportation IC card such as “PASMO" or “SUICA" as much as possible.
The number of trains runs 12 hours an hour (about 5 minutes) even in the daytime, so you can ride immediately.
From the front and from the seat behind you, you can see the view of Tokyo well.
By the way, the driver and conductor are not in the crew because they are self-driving.

You can also take a local bus, and there is a Toei bus “City 01(市01系統)” connecting Shimbashi Station and Tsukiji Market.

No parking

There is parking, but there is no parking for non-market visitors.
Stop at the pay parking lot near Toyosu Station or at the toll parking lot at LaLaport Toyosu and use the monorail Yurikamome. It becomes.

Please note that there is no bicycle parking area for stopping bicycles.
Map of Toyosu Market