Tosa Tataki Dojo – Experience eating bonito tataki is delicious

Tosa Tataki Dojo

Tosa Tataki Dojo Sightseeing

About 10 minutes by car from Katsurahama in Kochi, we will introduce “Tosa Tataki Dojo" which is one of the facilities of Restaurant Katsubo.

The Tosa Tataki Dojo is an “experience-based facility” that not only eats, but also “bake” the bonito you eat, a traditional way of eating that you can only do in Kochi.

In the shop, it is described as " Omanga-yaki and I’m off ."

The shop will prepare you until the bonito is stabbed on the skewer, so hold the skewer in your hand and place it on the straw that ignites it. “is.
The baking time is about 1-2 minutes, so it is a simple task that can be done even from a kindergarten child.

When I asked, “What’s this way of baking for a long time?"

After baking, the shop will cut and serve the bonito right in front of you.
I refused to let me take a picture and I took it.

Tosa Tataki Dojo

And you can put as many spices (onions, seaweed, garlic, ginger, green onions) on the plate as you like.

There is also original ponzu, but at first it was said that you should try “sunshine salt" and “wasabi" only.
Indeed, fresh bonito purchased in the morning is baked on the spot, so it is still warm and very delicious.

Tosa Tataki Dojo
At first it has a meat-like texture, but the aftertaste is still bonito.

Recently, I haven’t encountered many delicious foods that I want to eat again, but after a long time, I thought I wanted to eat again.

There are only two menus to worry about.
Bonito tataki set meal 1500 yen (tax included), Bonito tataki alone 1200 yen (tax included).

The set meal comes with rice, miso soup and pickles, and the rice is free of charge instead of “self”.
I don’t usually change my meal, but this rice was delicious and changed.

The domestic airline and hotel arrangements used this time are JAL Dynamic Package , a cheap set of recommended items on our site.

It is unpredictable how long the campaign will last, but with the above dynamic package , the option for rent-a-car is 500 yen a day and the set meal at Tosa Tatake Dojo (equivalent to 1500 yen) is 100 yen.There was also, so it was very advantageous to use it.

* Depending on the season, the campaign may not be applied or the campaign may end, so please check carefully before applying.

In addition, although it is a famous spot where tourists of sightseeing buses also stop, the Katsushino Tataki Dojo is basically separated from group guests and individual customers, so the “ Tosa Tataki Dojo " introduced here is an individual For customers.

Tosa Tataki Dojo

A single customer is OK.
However, when the personal Tosa-Tataki Dojo is full, it seems that there is a case where the restaurant and the boat on the second floor of the boat go to the Tataki Dojo for group customers.
Of course, the taste will not change.

Business hours are from 10:30 in the morning, and orders will be stopped as soon as “Katsuo" purchased on the day disappears.

Transportation to the Tosa Tataki Dojo

There is Tosa Tataki Dojo, but the following map points will be free parking (100 cars).

Please change the map scale.

You can eat as much as you like at a bonito tataki at Kochi Airport or Kochi city.
It is recommended when you visit Kochi.
It means that skipjack baked by yourself is good.
Map of Tosa Tataki Dojo