What is Tojinbo in the first place? How to enjoy cliffs with only three places in the world


Introduction of Tojinbo

Tojinbo, a tourist attraction in Hokuriku, is a place where you can see the extremely rare andesite columnar joints, which are very rare in the world, which were created by the rough waves of the Sea of ​​Japan .

Tojinbo is a coastal cliff with a rough rocky columnar joint that extends for about 1 km, and is designated as a national scenic spot and a natural monument.

It is also familiar as a shooting / location location for suspense drama.
The cliff, which is about 23m high, has no fences to prevent falls, so you can basically go to the tip of the cliff.
However, it is of course at your own risk, so if you are traveling with small children, it is better not to get too close.

If you’ve been to it once, you know, but Tojinbo is the name of the monk.
I would like to introduce Tojinbo with photos of morning and evening.

Origin of Tojinbo

In Echizen, there was a very large temple called Heisenji , a leading temple of the Tendai sect .
It is also a base of the Hakusan religion, and when it was under the protection of the Asakura family during the Sengoku period, there were 48 temples, 36 buildings, 6,000 monasteries, 90,000 stone temples (90,000 kanji), And it is reported that there were 8000 monks.
It is the largest religious city in Japan at that time.

IMG_7594Around the time of the Kamakura period before the Warring States period, there was a monk named Tojinbo at Heisenji Temple.
The following is the site of Tojinbo at the site of Heisenji Temple.


Tojinbo said that he was a man of strength, and that he did all the wrongdoing to the inhabitants.


Tojinbo was fascinated by a beautiful daughter, Ayahime, and intensely fought with a monk, the enemy of her love, Makarakaku-nen.


On April 5, 1182, the monks at Heisenji Temple consulted and invited Tojinbo to see the sea.
Then, when I reached the cliff, I sat down and enjoyed a lot of sake.
Dr. Tojinbo, who got drunk and started napping, was said to have been pushed down from a cliff by a real sense of signal.


However, as soon as Tojinbo sank in the waves, the weather suddenly changed, causing heavy rain, and the true feelings that killed Tojinbo were sucked down the cliff.
The storm is said to have lasted 49 days, and it is said that the sea still storms around April 5 every year.


Tojinbo Sightseeing

Andesite with such a large columnar joint is the only place in Japan.
The magma was cooled and hardened by volcanic activity about 12 to 13 million years ago.
Later, it was eroded by the rough seas of the Sea of ​​Japan.
Because it is extremely valuable geologically, it has been designated as a national monument and a national scenic spot.


Tojinbo doesn’t have a fixed walking course that can be freely explored.
As long as time allows, you may want to walk in various ways.
However, the feet are “rocks".
Not only are your feet bad, but there are also places that are slippery, so please walk so that you do not overdo it.

The pillar joint is one of the three major victory in the world. Besides Tojinbo, there are Mt. Kongo on the Korean Peninsula and the west coast of Norway, Scandinavia, Europe.

Tojinbo sightseeing boat

I have visited Tojinbo twice so far, but from the land, why do I only visit from cliffs and cliffs?
For this reason, this time we boarded the Tojinbo Sightseeing Pleasure Boat and visited to see the columnar joints from the Sea of ​​Japan.
Lion rocks, candle rocks, etc. are not well understood until they leave the ship.

Tojinbo is on the west, so it is backlit from morning to daytime.
Unless it is evening, the sun does not hit well, so I made a schedule to go in the evening.

Originally, the pleasure boat was “cancelled" only in the Sea of ​​Japan with rough waves.

By the way, the platform of the Tojinbo sightseeing boat is just off the street of Tojinbo’s souvenir shop.


And there is Tojinbo sailor under the cliff of Tojinbo.
It is under the picture below.


However, if the pier is not available due to high waves, you may leave from “Mikuni Sunset Beach" at Mikuni Onsen, which is about 5 minutes drive south.
But on that day, both were useless.
As you can see, the cancellation rate is quite high, but the boarding time is 30 minutes.

If you want to realize that the earth is round, we recommend the 55m-high Tojinbo Tower.

Transportation to the Tojinbo

If you access Tojinbo from various areas by train and get off at JR Awara Onsen Station =「芦原温泉駅」, you will have to travel by bus from the station.

By bus from JR Awara Onsen Station, take the Keifuku Bus / Tojinbo Line for about 40 minutes and get off at the Tojinbo bus stop.
The “Tojinbo” bus stop is located near the Tojinbo Tower and the Tojinbo Tourist Exchange Center, and it is a 5-minute walk from the bus stop to the cliff-spread Tojinbo.

Parking Lot

It is a parking lot of Tojinbo, but a large parking lot is a paid parking lot.
Walk about 5 minutes on the sidewalk surrounded by souvenir shops of Tojinbo.


Beside the parking lot is a staircase that leads you down to the street of the souvenir shop.
The time required for sightseeing is 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Also, if time allows, nearby Ojima, Echizen Matsushima Aquarium, etc. are also available as a set.
Map of Tojinbo