Yuling is a national treasure, the tomb of King Ryukyu of Okinawa and a World Heritage Site and National Historic Site


Introduction of Yuling

The tomb of the king of the Ryukyu Kingdom, called Tamaudon , is located near Shuri Castle , but it is also included as a World Heritage Site.
It is also the first building in Okinawa to be designated as a national treasure.
The King of the Ryukyus, who achieved the unification of the three mountains in 1429, is the first king of Shang Bashi to be the first Shogun.
And when King Kanamaru (Shoen King), who was the sixth king of the 1st King of the Shogunate, who was the reigning lord of King Sho Yasuhisa, inherited the throne in 1462, he became the 2nd King of the Shogun.

The tombs of successive Kings of the Second Royal Family will be called “Yamayo" next to Shuri Castle.

Yuling was created by the third king of the second king, Shang Shin King, to bury his father, Sang En King.

Yuling Sightseeing

Okinawa’s unique gable grave is the largest in Okinawa Prefecture.

At the Okinawan funeral at that time, he waited for the remains to turn into bones several years later, then washed the bones, packed them in a urn, and put them in a gable tomb.


The east room of Yuling is the tomb of the king and the princess, and the west room is another royal family.

In the Pacific War against Okinawa, Yuling was also destroyed by naval fire and other means.
For this reason, the current Gyokuryo has been restored and repaired, but the whole is a national historic site, with 5 “Gyokuryo” buildings (3 grave rooms and 2 Ishigaki buildings).
It is designated as a national treasure.
And it has become a World Heritage Site as “Gusk and related heritage group of the Ryukyu Kingdom".

Yuling is a paid visit.
It opens at 9 am and closes at 17:30.

The tour takes about 15 minutes.

Transportation to the Yuling

It is about 15 minutes on foot from the Okinawa City Monorail Shuri Station, but there is no parking, so it is a 5-minute walk using the parking lot of Shuri Castle.
Map of Yuling