Subculture of Japan


Of Japan, we will especially introduce a subculture that has been accepted by the young people.

Maid cafe

Waitresses dressed in maid, behave like mansion of employees, customers receive treatment as his master.
Food and drink provided by the maid cafe is, in many cases, drinks such as tea or coffee, such as snacks and desserts, does not change much with the usual coffee shop.
However, the maid cafe, waitress (maid), the cute wear a maid, a different place to perform a unique entertainment in the audience.
Things like syrup or chocolate sauce that comes with the meal, is used to decorate the dessert, popular painting in the omelet is generally decorated using ketchup.

Shop list

Shop information in your area can be found in the following link.
To the maid cafe list of the Tokyo metropolitan area

Coterie magazine

It is the book that people (coterie) is made of numerous with the same hobby.
This (joint magazine, anthology) to issue and gathered a plurality of persons may also, however, the present to issue a personal (individual magazine) is accounted for the majority, people who exhibit has published a book at his own expense.
In the event of Comiket (abbreviation of “Comic Market") in Japan, to support Circle of as planning participant, reader, general participants as a recipient, and Komiketto preparatory meeting of the three parties of the sales activities of the fanzine and operated jointly It has.
1975 began in this event, while changing the location to increase gradually the scale, more than 10 million people currently two days (or 3 days) held one day of participation circle number about 11,000, participants, Total number of visitors during the holding period, such as counting the 400,000 people in the Comic Market, the scale is not large enough more than lightly a certain size municipality population.

Comiket official site


The cosplay refers to the act of impersonate characters and characters, such as animation and games. Comic Market that enthusiasts and coterie circle of those genres gather, various events, including the fanzine spot sale meeting, also, you can see in a live venue, etc. of the visual system band.
People who do cosplay stands is called the layer (short for cosplayers).
There is also a dedicated studio to enjoy cosplay yourself.

—— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ —Cosplay dedicated studio of tokyo metoroporitan— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ ——

Cosplay dedicated studio Booty honkan
新宿区山吹町295 正豊ビル
◇Nearest station
10:00 to 20:00
◇Regular holiday

—— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ ——

Cosplay dedicated studio Booty tokyo
江東区大島8-10-5 Bootyビル
◇Nearest station
10:00 to 20:00
Holiday (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, year-end and New Year holidays)
9:00 to 21:00
◇Regular holiday

Photo session

Mainly amateur photographer, mainly active in the center such as gravure, in the event of the order to shoot the idle that are trying to improve the name recognition, will be held in a dedicated facility.
By about 3000 yen 1 hour, is common to shoot multiple idle participants every 1 minutes, but is even free to shoot any idle that participate, the popular idol waiting becomes longer you.
This and in contrast to, it can also be taken by proprietary one hour one of the favorite models, the higher the approximately 10,000 yen and the cost per hour.

—— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ —Photo session studio of tokyo metoroporitan— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ ——

千代田区外神田3-13-8 東京角田ビル6階
◇Nearest station
14:00 to 22:00
◇Regular holiday

Underground idle

And refers to the idol has been active mainly in relatively small live, to use the term 'underground’ to the famous idle which is exposed to the media, such as television.
It is a characteristic distance between the fan is close, removes the boundaries of major and indie, become idle as a profession, or previous to be recognized, is sometimes referred to in the context of amateur.
Live venue, CD, sales and such original T-shirts, sales in cheki shooting has become a major profit.
Format and contents vary depending on operations and events, but the basic to be accompanied by communication, such as shaking hands as product sales of purchase privilege.
Live is done almost every day in the Tokyo metropolitan area, generally drink stick with price range of up to approximately 1000 yen to 5000 yen.
Live weekdays since evening, a holiday is carried out from before and after lunch, there approximately 3 hours, others are carried out in succession about when a long live 5-6 hours.
For the allotted time of one set of performers is about 10 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on the live can see the idol of 20-30 spider.
Japan Live Video


VOCALOID The voice synthesis technology company called Japanese Yamaha developed, and it is a generic name for the application products.
Abbreviation also referred to as the 'Vocalo’.
It is possible to synthesize a singing voice with the voice of the person sampled by inputting the melody and lyrics based.
There are many famous Vocaloid songs in Japan, a lot of idle and dancing in the choreography sing live.
Vocaloid Video