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Rice cooker(炊飯器)

suihanki Top class in rice cooker of the performance of Japan is the world! Indeed “rice country" Japan!
The hard or soft or it is possible popular reason that the feature is attached to their liking the rice in rice cooker of Japan.
At the same Japanese rice cooker you are warm performance is very good, even if kept warm overnight, the next morning, you can eat the delicious rice.
Voltage support products that can be used abroad have gathered a lot.

Electric facials(美顔器)

biyou Products cleansing function and moisturizing function is attached is popular.
Type of rechargeable many overseas correspondence, for Japanese and English instruction manual is on, you can buy with confidence in the foreign visitor.


udedokei Worldwide popular Casio “G-SHOCK" is popular. In particular, “The fun just looking at the shop window!" Store inventory rich in will feel.


camera Body and compact mirror-less digital camera, a camera that can photograph the development on the spot, which is commonly called “Cheki" is popular.

Audio instrument(オーディオ機器)

headphone High-performance headphone is popular. Appeared in the PV of foreign artists “beats by dr. Dre" is popular with the audience overseas. Because there is a listen corner for most of the shop, let’s actually listening.

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Department store

Japanese confectionery(和菓子)

wagashi It is the confectionery made in the traditional manufacturing method of Japan.
Sugar, syrup, rice, wheat, red beans, etc., than the relatively few types of main raw material, many kinds of sweets produced.
It is also the side as a work of art required for sweets.
For example, if the summer of sweets, and so like finish to work with a sense of transparency by using a vine in order to feel the cool, to examine the material also to represent one of the season.
There is in particular also field called craft confectionery made to elaborate, the world of beauties of nature is expressed in the material of edible sweets.

Japanese green tea(日本茶)

tea After by the heat treatment by steaming tea leaves stop the oxidation and fermentation (some of which do not rubbed) and massaged, the dried leaves are come with hot water and tea.
There are various types of Japanese tea by such process.
◇Japanese Green Tea
Green tea is made form steamed young tea leaves. Teas differ according to processing.There is a slightly bitter taste, but taste that received million people.
Steamed and dried tea leaves. It is most often drunk tea.
Made of hard leaves and stalks after the young, soft leaves have been picked for sencha.There is a slightly bitter taste, but it is habit with no taste.
Bancha mixed with roasted brown rice.And a distinctive taste and aroma.
New green tea leave are pounded into powder. Used in the tea ceremony.It is a taste of bitterness.
Made not from tea leaves but from roasted barley or rye. Served cold in summer.Taste even without the habit smell, you can drink in a sense close to the water.
Roasted bancha. The roasting gives the tea a fragrant aroma.


yukata Yukata, as good after bath clothes and soft from the evening, as nightwear regardless of gender children, as hot and humid summer of everyday wear and street clothes, as yukata of a matching Bon and summer festival, the Japanese clothing lifeIt became one of the most essential clothes.
In recent years, when the rainy season dawns, Tanabata, Bon, morning glory City, fireworks, we now see the yukata of young people in such as Bon.
Wear yukata to enjoy the summer “yukata boom", which starts from around 1990, since, yukata of young people, in the colorful, it becomes a powerful thing, there is a feeling that was completely changed from the impression of traditional yukata. Yukata, young men and women for a change from the life of clothes full commitment, has been used as a fashionable and stylish clothes.

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Variety store

Folding fan(扇子)


Folding Fan is what used to cause a wind by hand, not only to get the coolness in blue, it is used as necessities when you wear a kimono. Otherwise to you it is also used in various fields such as the world of entertainment and tea.
The structure and arrangement of those to that bundle and secure the framework dozens present at one point, was pasted paper.
Angle to open the Folding Fan also, but about the many things around 120 degrees, in the basic sector within 180 degrees more than 90 degrees, the spread at the time of use, is the storage easy in that it will be folded when not in use.

Nail clippers(爪切り)


Nail clippers of Japan has been acclaimed for those around the world at the height of quality.
For example,
Seki Edge Stainless Steel Fingernail Clipper
In Let’s net search.
Reviews of those who have used You should move your mind.



Japan of socks is functional in colorful.
There are a variety of colors and patterns, there is also a thing to wrap one one finger like a glove.
There is also a specialty store of socks.

Disposable body warmer(使い捨てカイロ)

It is a packed iron-powder product.
The iron-powder is reacted to the oxygen, the product will get warm.
You shake that about 5 to 6 times, before use that.
Be careful to do not break it.
the product is simple, low price, and easy to carry so that is very convenient.
And products that you can use to put on underwear, there is a product that you can use to have to hand.
It is popular item in Japanese winter.

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