Notsuke peninsula -Primary scenery and Kunigo island-


Notsuke Peninsula is located in Shibetsu-cho and Betsukai-cho in the eastern part of Hokkaido, and is the longest 26km long sand basin in Japan. It is a peninsula.
Notsuke Peninsula and Notsuke Bay, which is also a Hokkaido heritage site, are registered in the Ramsar Convention on the Conservation of Wetlands and are also the Notsuke Kureren Nature Park.IMG_7348

Scenic Notsuke Peninsula

Every time you look at Notsuke Bay, where the unspoiled nature that has been untouched for thousands of years is seen, it is the Nozu Peninsula that makes you feel unusual.
The name of Notsuke is the Ainu word “Nokke" (the lower jaw), and it seems that the shape of the sandbar resembles the lower jaw of the whale.

Notsuke Peninsula is “elongated” as mentioned above.
There are private houses along the way, but the narrow part is the “sea” at both ends of the road.


The Notsuke peninsula has sandy beaches, tidal flats, grasslands, high-rise wetlands, and virgin forests, and there are scenic spots such as “Todowara" and “Narawara" as the scenery of the virgin forest.

Narawara has a parking space on the side of the road because the onnicle and ponnicle of the primeval forest have withered from the surroundings and can be seen well from the road.
However, the wetlands are closed, so you can’t walk around Narawara.IMG_7343Todowara is a place name from Todomatsu’s field.
Since this is not along the road, it is necessary to stop the car in the free parking lot of Notsuke Peninsula Nature Center and walk along the promenade (tree path) 1.3km one way.

The trip takes about 60 minutes, but you can enjoy seasonal flowers, Japanese cranes, sika deer and red foxes.

On weekends and holidays from May to the end of October, you can also go back and forth with a “carriage” called a flower carriage, but it takes 15 minutes and requires a one-way fare of 500 yen and a child of 300 yen.

The tip of the Notsuke peninsula is called the Notsuke peninsula virgin flower garden, but you should not enter here.

Since there are many mosquitoes in summer, let’s prepare insect repellent.
In addition, you can have a light meal at Notsuke Peninsula Nature Center.


The tip that can be reached by car is up to where the fishing facility of Ryujinmisaki is located, but it is paved and there is a large free parking lot.


However, from here to the end of Notsuke Peninsula, it is only a walk, and it takes about 5km one way and 2 hours round trip.


It is said that there was a village called “Kiraku” at the tip of the Notsuke Peninsula during the Edo period.
It is an entertainment district of Notsuke that was crowded with carp fishing, and there are also a playground and a blacksmith, and there are still cemeteries left.

At the end of Notsuke Channel, you can see Kunigo Island.


The weather was good on this day, and I could see a mountain that seems to be Tomariyama (Golovin volcano).IMG_7346This island with the eyes and nose is always Russian territory and I can’t be sure that I can’t go sightseeing, so I always feel sad every time I look at the northern territory.

In Notsuke, the wind blowing from the east in summer is called “Menashi”.
There are times when the wind is strong.

In the event of a major earthquake, there is a “Notsuke Peninsula Disaster Evacuation Facility” on the east side of the Nature Center to escape from the tsunami.

Notsuke Peninsula Sightseeing

As a Betsukai sightseeing boat, there is a sightseeing boat that goes from Owanuma Port to Notsuke Peninsula.
Owaki Marsh reads “Oitaito”, and fishery such as shrimp, scallops and komai is thriving.

There is a “Todowara Course” as a basic course.
It takes about 2 hours, and in Todowara you have about 50 minutes to land and take a walk.
From mid-June to mid-July and October / November, there is a chance to watch seals because the North Sea tiger shrimp fishing boats stay and about 60 harbor seals stay around early August.


Departures are three times a day, 8:10 in the morning (returning to 10:00), 11:00 in the morning (returning at 12:50), and 13:30 departing at 15:20.
However, flights other than 11:00 on Sundays are irregular and need to be “reserved” in advance.
The meeting is up to 10 minutes before departure.

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You can go to Notsuke Peninsula by car, but it is a little inefficient, such as walking around and walking from the parking lot to Todowara.

The Notsuke peninsula is not easily accessible, so it’s faster to get on a sightseeing boat when visiting by bus.
It’s also a good idea to take a nature tour that includes mobility.

You can see the parking lot at the boarding area and our original map.

Transportation to Notsuke Peninsula

It’s about 50 minutes by car from Nakashibetsu Airport and about 25 km from Owase-Numa, 30 minutes by car.
The map point below is where Notsuke Peninsula Nature Center is located.

It is about 135km from Memanbetsu Airport and about 2 hours and 20 minutes by car.
It is about 150km from Kushiro Airport, about 2 hours and 40 minutes.
From Notsuke Peninsula to Cape Nesaburo in Nemuro, 125km, 2 hours.
From Notsuke Peninsula, Lake Mashu is 90km, 1 hour 30 minutes.

In recent years, not only has there been a lot of sand spillage, but there has also been a rise in sea level, and there is a concern that it will become a “low island” instead of a peninsula in the near future.

In the future, the entire Notsuke peninsula may sink into the sea.
Map of Notsuke Peninsula