Naruto Whirlpools – Seven Ways to Enjoy the World’s Largest Dynamic Natural Phenomena

Naruto Whirlpools

Introduction of Naruto Whirlpools

As information on Naruto whirlpools (Naruto Uzushio) seen in the Naruto Strait, I do not say that it is perfect, but it is almost a complete strategy, so I hope you will use it until the end if you like.
Naruto Strait is a strait that links the Seto Inland Sea between Awajishima and Shikoku and Tokushima with the Pacific Ocean, and is about 1.3 km wide.

In the narrow strait, a large amount of seawater flows into the Seto Inland Sea from the Pacific Ocean twice a day due to the tide, and similarly flows out of the Seto Inland Sea twice a day.
At that time, the water level difference between the Seto Inland Sea and the Pacific Ocean is up to 1.5m, so the tide flows at a speed of 13km / h to 15km / h.
In addition, the complicated terrain of the sea floor affects the vortex.
In particular, the tide during the spring tide is 20 km / h, the highest speed in Japan, and it is one of the “three major tides in the world".

Three major currents in the world

The three major currents in the world other than the Naruto Strait in Awaji Island and Naruto are the Strait of Messina in Sicily, Italy, and the Seymour Strait in Seymourana, Canada (British Columbia).

As for the size of the whirlpool, Naruto Strait is up to 20 m in diameter, the strait of Saltstramen Street in Norway is 10 m in diameter, and the rim of the Reims river in France is 2 m in diameter. It can be said that it is class.
Especially in the spring tide, the diameter of the vortex is said to reach a maximum of 30m, and we are aiming to become a World Heritage Site.

In addition, is there about one big whirlpool? I thought vaguely, but it seems obvious that there are multiple.
Many large and small vortices occur, disappear after a few seconds, and then repeat at another location.


This is not to say that whirlpools always occur in the same place depending on the conditions of the seabed topography and tides, etc.Although it is Naruto Strait, it is easy for eddies to form on the Awaji Island side at high tide and on the Naruto side at low tide. You.
Also, due to natural phenomena, there are times when ocean currents do not occur, so when going to visit it is necessary to pay attention to the best time to see the eddy tide.

By the way, when the water surface rises by the moon is “high tide".
Low tide is when the moon is not attracted very much.
Not only that, but when the moon, the sun, and the earth are aligned, the spring tide is called.
When the moon shifts by 90 degrees, it will be “neap tide".

So when and when is the highlight? Is listed on the websites of each company, so you can easily find them.
Therefore, I think that there is no problem with how to check the highlights, so I would like to introduce the other part, how to observe the whirlpools of the Naruto Strait.

Naruto Whirlpools Sightseeing

Sightseeing boat with three companies

There are three shipping companies operating on the Tokushima Prefecture side, and one on Awaji Island, in order to observe and tour the whirlpools of the Naruto Strait by boat.
Both ships go right beside the vortex, so it is possible to see quail up close.
In addition, all ships are fully equipped with air conditioning and heating, so you can comfortably board.
Other than that, even if the wind was a bit strong, it was not canceled (safe).
Even at a wind speed of about 10m / sec, we were able to depart because the harbor was berthed.
Of course, in the event of bad weather, the captain may decide to depart for safety just before, so be aware of it.

First, let me introduce you from the smaller boat in Tokushima.

Whirlpool steamer

Departing from the port closest to Naruto Strait (Kameura Port) is Uzushio Kisen, which takes about 20 minutes.


It is a high-speed, low-floor, medium-sized ship with a capacity of 86 people, with a shared toilet on board.
There is a seat in the cabin with window glass, and the rear part of the hull is a deck. If the waves are not high, you can go to the rear deck according to the instructions of the crew.
As a feature, it is said that it is close by a high-speed ship, the shortest time is 20 minutes, and it is a low height ship, so you can see the “vortex" close to your eyes .

However, those who are easily sick may be a little worried because of the small boat.


Which time is the best time to see the whirlpool from the day to about 3 days ahead? Is also specified on the official website.

In the case of Uzushio Kisen, is it better to say that you do not need to make a reservation than you can not make a reservation?
Reception closes 10 minutes before departure time.
During crowded tray seasons or during consecutive holidays such as Golden Week, waiting times may occur, such as after one flight, but during the normal season, you can usually board the next flight.

The fare is 1,550 yen for adults (780 yen for elementary school students), and infants are free of charge per adult.
Also, you can purchase a common discount ticket with the “Udashi no Michi" introduced in the town at the building of Uzushio Kisen, in this case 1800 yen for adults and 900 yen for children.


In the case of a local bus, the bus stop of Kameuraguchi is the closest to Uzushio Kisen.
For cars, free parking is available.

Uzushio Kisen official website

Whirlpool tide boat

The Naruto Kankosen operates from the Naruto Kanko Port. It is operated by two systems, the large ship Wanda Naruto and the small underwater tide ship Aqua Eddy .

The large tide boat “Wanda Naruto" is a large hull with a capacity of 399 people, so it does not shake much, so it does not shake much, so it is also recommended for people who are easily sick.


Of course, toilets for men and women are also provided.
The fare for the 2nd class (1st floor) is 1800 yen for adults and 900 yen for elementary school students. The first class cabin (2nd floor) is 2800 yen for adults and 1400 yen for elementary school students.
There is also a set discount coupon for Uzushio Kisen and Uzumino-michi.
It is not necessary to make reservations with Wander, but since it is a large boat, many tourists come by sightseeing bus.
The deadline is 10 minutes before departure time and the journey time is 30 minutes.
It’s only 30 minutes, so you don’t have to sit on the boat and go to the outside deck from the beginning to enjoy the scenery of the Seto Inland Sea.
It is a good idea to visit the sailor directly to see which side, left or right, will see the whirlpool first.


The underwater sightseeing boat “Aqua Eddy" has an observation room 1m below the surface of the water, and you can see the whirlpool rolling underwater.
The capacity is a high-speed small boat with an underwater observation room with 46 seats, so reservations are completely required.
Of course, it is possible to see the whirlpools of Naruto not only underwater but also on board, so you can enjoy various ways.


Travel time is 25 minutes.
The fare is 2400 yen for adults and 1200 yen for elementary school students. If you are more than 4 days away, you can make a reservation online.
3 days before the day you will be contacted by phone.


A tide table is also available on the official website.
Approximately 90 minutes before and after the fastest tidal current is the highlight time.
It operates all year round, but may be docked during winter to inspect the ship.

In the case of a local bus, it will be 0 minutes from the bus stop at Naruto Kanko Port.
For cars, there is a large parking lot.
You can find the location of the parking lot on our own Shikoku sightseeing map.

Uzushio Ship Tide Ship Official Site

Whirlpool cruise

The only departure from Awaji Island side is “Uzushio Cruise".
Before the construction of Naruto Bridge by the operation of Joyport Minami-Awaji, Naruto Ferry also ran from Fukura Port to Naruto’s Fusato Port.

It is the largest large pleasure boat in the Naruto Strait with the “ Rinkai Maru " with a capacity of 500, the ` ` Nippon Maru ' ' with a capacity of 700 , and a mast sailboat type retro ship that is also a “ sailboat type ", so it has a very taste Yes, I think it will be pleased by children.
If you have less than 15 people, you do not need to make a reservation.


The time required is 20 minutes to arrive at Naruto Strait, 20 minutes to visit Uzushio, 20 minutes to arrive at Fukura Port, so it takes a total of 1 hour, so if you want to enjoy the sea sightseeing on a boat for a long time Is also recommended.
Of course, it is so big that it is hard to shake and small dogs up to 8 kg can also bring their pets in cages.
Since it is a tall ship, it may be best if you want to see the vortex clearly from a high glance or take a picture.

The disadvantage is that the boarding procedure is 30 minutes before the deadline and requires at least 1 hour 30 minutes, so it takes time and the number of flights is small, so it is difficult to match the time There are things.
However, it is located at the roadside station “Fukura” where you can enjoy shopping at the Fukura Marche, and there are Awaji Ningyoza and free footbaths.

In any case, check the departure time carefully and purchase a ticket at least 30 minutes in advance.
It costs 2,000 yen for adults and 1,000 yen for elementary school students.
In addition, if you get a coupon or discount coupon in Awaji Island, you can also use discounts.

In winter, take the slowest flight in the evening for a sunset cruise.
However, when the wind is strong, be careful not to fly the hat.

Free parking is available at the Roadside Station, and in the case of a bus, it is a 2-minute walk from the Fukura Bus Terminal.
The location is on our original map.

Uzushio Cruise Official Site

Uzushio Kancho cruise ship “Helios"

Departing from Ibi Port, near Awaji Minami IC on Awaji Island, is Marino Port Ibi’s Helios .
It is a relatively small cruise ship with a capacity of 24 people. It takes about 5 minutes from Ibi to Naruto Strait and takes about 30 minutes.
Since it is a small boat, it is perfect for enjoying the uzushio at close range, and it can be said that it is the most wild.

In addition, normal operation is from 8:30 to 17:00 in the morning, and you need to check the tide yourself.
It costs 1500 yen for adults and 800 yen for children, there is no fixed departure time, and it seems that it will come out when the number of people gathers, so it can be said that it is a small group system.
Therefore, the minimum service fee is 4000 yen.
Well, that is to say, if you pay 4000 yen, you can take it out in a private state.
See below for details.

Marino Port Ibi

As mentioned above, it was a method of boarding a sightseeing boat and watching Uzushio, but if you are not good at boating, there are also the following methods.

Onaruto Bridge Promenade “Swirl Road"

The whirlpool road (Uzuminochi) is an impressive form that looks down from the height of 45 m below the highway bridge “ Onaruto Bridge " on the Naruto Strait, under the “ promenade " halfway from the Tokushima side. You can overlook the whirlpool.
The whirlpools looking into the glass floor are powerful.

The regular holiday is the second Monday of March, June, September and December.
Opening hours are from 9am to 5:30 pm in the summer (March to September).
GW and summer holidays are open from 8:00 to 18:30 in the morning.
In winter (October to February), admission is from 9am to 6:30 pm.

You can walk up to 450m along the bridge.
Admission is 510 yen for adults, 410 yen for junior and senior high school students, and 250 yen for elementary school students. There is also a discount set ticket with a sightseeing boat on the Tokushima side.
Major credit cards are also accepted.
Is the time required for sightseeing about 30 to 60 minutes?


There is also a nursing room, baby stroller and wheelchair rental.
Pets are admitted if they are in the gauge.

When I visited, the weather was not very good, but after all, the whirlpools seemed to be the most beautiful when viewed in fine weather.

It is a 5-minute walk from the Naruto Park No. 1 parking lot to the entrance.
Naruto Park parking fee is 200 yen for motorcycles and motorcycles and 500 yen for passenger cars.
Onaruto Bridge Bridge Memorial Hall Eddy is also nearby.

Vortex Road Official Site

If you can’t see from the bridge due to phobia, you may be fine below.

Narutosan Observatory

When I visited, the weather wasn’t very good and it was just before business hours, so I didn’t climb, but there is a Naruto Mt.

On the opposite side of the road from Naruto Park No. 1 Parking Lot, there is a paid escalator called “ Esca Hill Naruto ", which is easily accessible to the Naruto Mountain Observation Deck. is.
It is a popular spot that often appears as a “location location” for dramas and variety programs.
The observatory is shaped like a building, providing a 360-degree view.
The price is 400 yen for a round trip adult, 100 yen for elementary and junior high school students, and free for infants.
Opening hours are around 8:00 in the summer, around 9:00 in the winter, and ending at 17:00.

There is also a set ticket of “Esca Hill Naruto" + “Udo no Michi".

As for the parking lot, like Naruto Park, a paid Naruto Park parking lot will be used.

This is a last resort for those who are afraid of the observatory in the building.

Naruto Cape

“Naruto Cape" on the Awaji Island side is a roadside station, parking is free, and the observatory is free.
Even if it is an observatory, it does not mean that it is from an artificial building, but that you want to see Naruto Bridge and Naruto Strait from near the tip of the cape.

Just looking at the Naruto Bridge in the Naruto Strait is a powerful place, and of course you can understand the intense tide.

Small snacks are also available.

Get off at the “Awaji Minami IC" on the Kobe Awaji Naruto Expressway, turn left, and turn right at the end to Cape Naruto.

When I visited, there were quite strong winds.

Anyway, those who are not good at high places have no choice but to stay.

Bay Resort Hotel Naruto Kaigetsu

Close to the whirlpools of Naruto, the best view is Bay Resort Hotel Naruto Kaigetsu.
It is Naruto Shiozaki Onsen which is the closest to the Naruto Whirlpools, and you can heal the tiredness of your trip while taking a bath.
I also wanted to stay, but could not make a reservation because it was full.

Naruto Shiozaki Onsen Bay Resort Hotel Naruto Kaigetsu

It is disadvantageous to see the whirlpools from the room, but there is also a ryokan called Mizuno Park.
At the lowest price, you can stay from 4700 yen.

Mizuno Park

Last but not least, there wasn’t much dining at Naruto.
Near the Senjojiki Observation Deck, there is a dining room that doubles as a souvenir shop, but there are very few, and I didn’t eat much for lunch.
Well, it became a diet for a moment …
If lunch is near, if there is something you can eat, it seems better to eat it.

However, once in my life, I want to take a closer look at the whirlpools of Naruto.
If it is the largest in the world, you have to go.

Transportation to the Naruto Whirlpools

Access Map of Whirlpool steamerAccess Map of Whirlpool tide boatAccess Map of Whirlpool cruiseAccess Map of Uzushio Kancho cruise ship “Helios"