Big View from Mt. Bizan-Panoramic View Spot Overlooking Tokushima City


Introduction of Bizan

Overlooking Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture, Mt. Bizan is a popular panoramic view spot with a peak of 277 meters above sea level, and a panoramic view of Tokushima city from the summit.

In the old days, it is a mountain that is also read in Manyoshu, and if you look at this mountain from any direction, it looks like an “eyebrow" (mayu).
Indeed, I climbed by car, thinking that it was not so invisible.
For this reason, I always thought that I would read “mayuyama", but it seems correct for Bizan to say “bizan".

BIzan Sightseeing

At the summit, there is also a transmitting station antenna for NHK Tokushima Broadcasting Station, TV broadcasting such as Shikoku Broadcasting, and FM broadcasting.
If the weather was fine, I could actually see Awaji Island and Wakayama Prefecture.

It is a good place to stroll through the cherry blossoms in full bloom in spring, the dark green under the approaching clouds in summer, and the autumn leaves and the four seasons in autumn.
Below is a view of the parking lot from the observatory.


At the foot of “Awa Odori Kaikan", you can see “Awa Odori" every day. From the 5th floor, you can easily reach the summit with the Tokushima Municipal Bizan Ropeway.
The operation interval is every 15 minutes, and the required time is about 6 minutes.
There is also a “3 set ticket" that can be discounted during the day, so please get it.
The following is the mountaintop station of the ropeway that also serves as the observatory.

Ropeway Summit Station

In addition, from spring to autumn, there is a temporary night service until 21:00, so you can expect a wonderful night view.
It is said to be the best night view in Shikoku.

Transportation to the Bizan

As for traffic access, I climbed by car from the western park side according to the car navigation system. There were also a lot of citizens walking up.
Therefore, in the case of a car, I felt that it was better to go back and forth on a wide road (Meishan Parkway) from the south side.

From the parking lot to the hill where there is an observatory, climb the stairs slightly, so the stroller is hard.

Bizan Parking Lot
Is the time required for sightseeing about 15 to 40 minutes to and from the parking lot?

By train, walk about 600m southwest from Tokushima Station on the JR Kotoku Line to reach Bizan Ropeway Sanroku Station.
It was a symbolic spot in Tokushima, close to the city center of Tokushima, and easy to climb if it was a car.
Map of Bizan Ropeway