Mimitsu in Miyazaki where Emperor Jinmu left for the eastern expedition


Introduction of Emperor Jinmu

Emperor Jinmu is the first Japanese emperor.
It also appears as a myth / legendary figure in Japanese secretaries.
At the age of 15, he became Prince, and he was married to Ahira Hihime, a princess of Hiragatsu Ahira.
Since it is a story that is quite old, 2400 years ago, there are many unclear points with various theories, but I hope that you can see it after understanding.

It seems that he was occupying Takahara-cho (around the east of the Kirishima Mountains). (Mimitsu).

And it is said that he built the ship here, but he was too busy to command, and he sewed his ragged clothes while standing. remain.
In a sense, it seems to be in the town, but when I was waiting for the wind on August 2 at the port, the weather was getting better, so I decided to go to Mifune at dawn on August 1.


It is said that the voice of “Get up, get up" resonated in Mimitsu because people woke up in the town, and this is the origin of the “Okiyo Festival" held on August 1 of the lunar calendar.

At the age of 45, Emperor Jinmu, who prayed for a safe voyage at Tateiwa Shrine (Tatewa-Jinja), sat down for a while and rested for a while. It is located on the grounds of Tateiwa Shrine (pictured above).

Set sail for the eastern expedition.
The place where you participated in the east cruise is called Mimitsu in Miyazaki Prefecture, which is the place where Emperor Jinmu Mifune was born, and there is “Oshikakeiwa" at Tateiwa Shrine.
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Sightseeing Mimitsu

It is a shore facing the Hyuga Nada, about 20 minutes walking from JR Mimitsu Station.

Emperor Jinmu departs first and heads north to land in Usa, Chikushi.
I think it would be better to go overland by now, but the road at that time was an animal trail and it was not in a state where many troops could pass, so it is best to travel along the coast by boat As usual.
In addition, it is difficult to sail long distances, so it is probable that you made many calls and proceeded.
And he was invited to Usatsuhiko and Usatsuhime’s shrine, and he said that he had become the wife of a samurai, Amaneshi, so he would have obeyed Usa, who is also involved in Usa Shrine.

Then, in the pacified the country by, for example, enter the Seto Inland Sea proceed with the military, and eventually from Kumano 八咫烏(Yatagarasu) to enter the Yamato in the directions of.
Yatagarasu is also a symbol that leads the Japanese national football team to victory, but Yatagarasu can be considered as eight local royalty.

In Yamato, the daughter of the lord of the kingdom is a regular wife, so it can be said that the great lord (Omononusushi), who can be guessed to have ruled Japan in Yamato, also surrendered and that Emperor Jinmu took the throne. .

By the way, since Mimizu is the place where Emperor Shinmu led the Navy and sailed out, there is also a “Monument to the birthplace of the Japanese Navy" as shown below.

This is the place where the Navy was first organized and seconded in Japan.


Transportation to the Tateiwa Shrine

There is about 2km from JR Mimitsu Station to Tateiwa Shrine, so it takes about 30 minutes for an adult to walk.

Take a taxi or, if you’re walking, stop by a shop on the way and relax.

In the Preservation District for Important Traditional Buildings, the old town remains in Mimitsu, but I would like to take a leisurely stroll if possible.
Map of Tateiwa Shrine