World first. Ramen shop that has a reputation of Michelin “one star”.

Tokyo ramen shop that has been introduced in this site, won the one star of the world’s first Michelin.

Winning glory [Japanese Soba Noodles 蔦] is a 1-minute walk from the south exit of JR Yamanote Line Sugamo Station.
Using the homemade noodles to noodles, the main taste, soy sauce and salt. Barbecued pork is topping the green onions and bamboo shoots, it’s frankly the taste, such as evolved buckwheat Japan.

As a feature that can not be found in other stores, truffle is toppings to taste soy sauce, olive oil has been added to the salty taste.
“Soy sauce buckwheat," “salt buckwheat" both 850 yen.
Every day it is more than one hour of the matrix, so care must be taken to but open from 11 am until around 4:00 pm, there also be the end material is eliminated.

This site has introduced the popularity and price range variety of Japanese food culture and facilities in order. Shop name is a link of Google map.
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