View of Lake Kussharo from Makotoyama Observatory-Makotoyama Observation Park


Introduction of Lake Kussharo

Lake Kussharo (Kussharoko), the largest caldera lake in Japan in the eastern part of Hokkaido, is a large lake, so you cannot see the whole picture from the lakeside.
So, if you want to feel the magnificent Lake Kussharo, it is best to look down from the Mt.

Transportation to the Makotoyama Observation Park

This is an observatory located at Magoto Pass (Koshimizu Pass) on Route 102 connecting Teshikaga Town and Higashi Makoto Village. The official name is Koshimizu Pass Makotoyama Observation Park.
Mokotoyama is also known for its altitude of just 1000m, but there are parking lots (31) for viewing on the way along the pass.

There are several places overlooking Lake Kussharo, each offering a different and attractive panorama.
After about 15 minutes by car from Kawayu Onsen on Road No. 102, you will reach Mt. Makoto Observation Park, where you can see the protruding parts of Mt.
Mt. Meakan and Mt. Oakan were also visible.


Water can freeze in winter and there is no toilet.
Many people take a break even in the nearby Highland Koshimizu

It is a road with little traffic and may be closed during winter due to freezing.
Map of Makotoyama Observation Park