Life of Japanese


When viewed from the foreign people, I have put together a habit that seems to be strange.
There is also a habit that I think I am also a strange Japanese.

Ceremonial occasions

Wedding reception

Less likely to project ourselves, it is often to proceed to form exactly the wedding hall.
◇Guests of congratulations
◇Friends of congratulations
◇Cake cut
◇Groom and bride video screening of childhood
◇Greetings, from the bride and groom to the parents (at the end of the reception)

Giving by wrapping the cash in envelopes in ceremonial occasions

At ceremonial occasions, there is a custom to give the cash.
If marriage “wedding gift", if the funeral, “funeral gift".
Different amount of money depending on the depth of the relationship with the other party.


When it comes to New Year, there is a custom to raise the money to the children of their children and relatives.
The amount is not particularly determined, but will not give becomes much high school.
New Year a few days, some children get when it is more from a few thousand jpy and more 100,000 jpy.

Difficult Japanese

Japanese honorific is quite difficult because used properly and respect language and modesty language and polite language, depending on the scene, but most people and useless people who do not understand even in Japanese.

Dining etiquette

Japanese-style meal etiquette

Japanese-style meal, it is a manners to eat with a vessel. However, it does not mean that with all, grilled fish or boiled fish, dish is sashimi and tempura are dish, such as a large bowl will eat while on the table.

Ohiya – It means cold water

In japanese [Ohiya] means cold water provided by the restaurant is free.
Even if water is provided, is most cases is provided Speaking of “Please water" or say japanese “Ohiya kudasai" to the clerk.

Chip is unnecessary

Even if you use any restaurant of Japan, chips to the clerk is not required.
Seat fee, such as will be charged along with the food bill.


Japanese when it represents the feelings of gratitude or a greeting, lower the head as feelings of thanks.
There is no other than compelling familiar person to shake hands and hug.

Lifestyle habit

Take off your shoes at the entrance, to spend in bare feet in the house.
Same when entering the house of another person.
If even in public facilities by the need to take off your shoes.
Take off your shoes at the door, to spend in bare feet in the house.
Same when entering the house of another person.
If even in public facilities by the need to take off your shoes.
Often they sleep and laid the futon directly on the tatami.


Security of Japan very well, crime rate is the lowest level in countries around the world.
The murder rate per 100,000 people in only 0.3 people, the lowest among developed countries. Country murder rate is less than this, but only Monaco and the two countries of Liechtenstein that only wealthy elite live.
Woman is not uncommon to walk the streets alone, even late at night.
However, not a crime does not occur, please avoid one of going out late at night.

Town landscape

◇Everywhere there is a vending machine of beverage.
◇Tissue paper is free, which is distributed on the street.
◇The car traffic on the left side.
◇On the train,company employee sleep, young people read the comic, woman makeup.
◇When winter approaches, to wear a mask everyone.
Capsule hotel is not only in Japan, is narrower in Japanese. However very cheap.
◇Annual passenger arrivals Top 10 ranking of the world of the station(2012 Statistics).
No.1:Shinjuku(Tokyo) 1,281,059,845(Average daily about 360 million people)
No.2:Shibuya(Tokyo) 1,131,980,340
No.3:Ikebukuro(Tokyo) 925,976,165
No.4:Umeda(Osaka) 839,220,775
No.5:Yokohama(Kanagawa) 788,541,985
No.6:Kitasenju(Tokyo) 543,303,960
No.7:Tokyo(Tokyo) 420,372,690
No.8:Nagoya(Tokyo) 419,291,560
No.9:Shinagawa(Tokyo) 355,976,105
By the way, Japan has a monopoly on to place upper 23.
◇Samurai with a topknot and the sword is not.