Lake Toya pleasure boat How to enjoy Lake Toya’s seagulls and Toya Blue



Introduction of Lake Toya

Lake Toya (Toyako) is located in Toyako-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido. The eruption erupted from the Toya pyroclastic flow about 114,000 years ago, and it became a “Toya caldera".
The lake is approximately 11 km east-west and 9 km north-south, and is a large lake with a substantially circular shape.
The island in the middle of the lake is a collection of lava domes and pyroclastic cones formed by a volcanic eruption about 50,000 years ago.
Because the surface of the cobalt blue lake is beautiful, “100 Views of Japan”, “100 Selected Travel Destinations in New Japan”, and Lake Toya Usuzan Geopark have been certified as “World Geoparks”.

The lake surface elevation is 371m and the depth of Lake Toya is 180m at the deepest point.
The origin of the name seems to have applied kanji to “to-ya" which means lake / shore in Ainu language.


Lake Toya Sightseeing

This time, I boarded a Toyako pleasure boat.
Lake Toya is the fifth time, but it is probably the first time on a pleasure boat.


There are shops and toilets on board.
Although it is large and small, it is a relatively large ship and a lake, so you will not get much seasickness.


Pleasure boat + lunch cruise for lunch (advance reservation for more than 5 people) is also possible.


There are Benten Island, where the marriage god Benten was celebrated, and Kannon Island, which celebrated the god of economics, Kannon, on the lake, where you can enjoy the great outdoors while listening to the sightseeing information broadcast on board.
The Lake Toya pleasure boat does not cruise around Lake Toya, but instead stops at the island in the middle like a pleasure boat at Lake Nojiri.
The island is called “Nakajima" and can be “disembarked", but it is also possible to just leave the pleasure cruise without disembarking.


Actually, four islands, Oshima, Kannon, Benten and Manju, are gathered, but they are collectively called “Nakajima".
It is a mountain and the highest point, Tono Shikenupuri, is 455m above sea level. (Climbing is not possible.)
Nakajima is a large island where the great nature remains, but part of it is maintained as a promenade (footpath), where you can encounter natural stags, swans, and wild squirrels.
However, the number of sika deer was so large that there were 400 at the maximum, but it seems that the number of the sika deer has decreased due to a shortage of feed, and it is said that there are currently about 20 sika deer.


The entrance fee is 200 yen, and there are also exhibits such as the Lake Toya Forest Museum, but you can enter by 15:00.
It is a rule to apply for entry at a stand or museum in Nakajima when entering the mountain, and be sure to contact us if you descend.


If you do not complete this procedure, you will not be able to be informed if the ship is canceled due to bad weather, etc.


Due to the time of such a boat, the next boat will be 30 minutes later, so it is impossible to take a walk around Nakajima unless you board at least about 14:00 from the lakeside.
If it is from the morning, you can stay in Nakajima for an hour or two, even if you are staying for a long time.
There is also a Genghis Khan shop so you can have lunch and lunch.


In August, children can play at the waterfront of Nakajima, but changing clothes and towels are mandatory.
It would be nice to have insect control, but Nakajima is also known as a feng shui or a very good power spot.
If it is raining, you can lend an “umbrella" free of charge when disembarking.
However, we do not drop in on Nakajima during the winter season, so we will list it just in case.


The time required for sightseeing on the Lake Toya Pleasure Boat is 50 minutes if you only go for the round trip.
When you land on Nakajima, it will take 30 minutes.

From late April to early November in the summer, the bus runs from 8:00 to 16:30 in the morning and departs every 30 minutes.
Winter from early November to late April is from 9 am to 4 pm every 60 minutes.


The place of departure (boarding point) is Nakajima tour pleasure boat pier (station in front of the station), behind Hotel Grand Toya.
If you stop by a convenience store nearby, there is a high possibility that discount coupons and coupons are available. (If not out of stock)


In addition, fireworks are launched every day at Lake Toya in the summer for guests.
It is Lake Toya long run fireworks display.
It is also possible to see the fireworks from the lake, not just from the guest rooms of the inn, but on a Toyako pleasure boat.
This is a night cruise that operates daily from April 28 to October 31 of the GW and departs at around 20:30 at night.
The departure place is different from the daytime, and it will be from the fireworks viewing boat pier (pier in front of the head office).
Get a discount ticket at the hotel front desk.

It is a little cold in May and September, so it is good to have one long sleeve.
Winter weather is required, of course.

Seagulls fly around the boat when you are on the Lake Toya Pleasure Boat.
It is a large seagull and a seagull, about 60 cm long.
Seagulls that live near the seaside, rivers and ponds.


Calbee’s “Kappa Ebisen" is also sold at a stand on board.
Seagulls may come to eat if you have them in your hand. If you don’t, you’ll be hurt by your finger being stuck.
In that case, when the gulls are approaching, you can throw Shrimp from the boat.

Transportation to Lake Toya

Transportation to the Lake Toya Pleasure Boat is about a 25-minute ride from JR Toya Station on the Donan Bus bound for Toyako Onsen, and a 5-minute walk from the terminal bus stop.
Free parking is available for about 40 cars.

The autumn leaves, such as Mt. Yotei, are also beautiful.
Map of Lake Toya