Lake Tazawa Sightseeing information you should know Mysterious lake boasting the deepest in Japan and highlights



Introduction of Lake Tazawa (Tazawako)

Lake Tazawa (Tazawako) is a freshwater lake located in Senboku City, Akita Prefecture. It is the 19th largest lake in Japan.
It has been selected as one of Japan’s 100 Best Views, and I went there in late October by saying that the stunning scenery is waiting for the autumn leaves.
Lake Tazawa is the deepest lake in Japan, with a maximum depth of 423.4m, and is also well known as a highly transparent Persian blue lake surface.
Although it is the 17th deepest lake in the world, the altitude of the water surface of Lake Tazawa is 249m, so the deepest place is about 170m lower than the sea surface, so the lake surface does not freeze even in midwinter.


It is interesting in a lake that is hollowed out, like the cone part of a soft cream.
Lake Baikal, at a depth of 744m, is the deepest lake in the world, but Lake Baikal is 289m below sea level.
By the way, the second largest in Japan is Lake Shikotsu in Hokkaido, and the third is Lake Towada in Aomori Prefecture .
Lake Tazawa is thought to be a caldera lake that had an explosive eruption between 1.8 and 1.4 million years ago.


In addition, it was found that there are two lava domes at the bottom of the lake, Tatsuko Bank (100m-300m in height) and Shinko Bank (250m in height).

In addition, the water of the lake was inclined to acidic after the strong acidic (pH 1.1) hot spring was flowed from the nearby Tamagawa hot spring to Lake Tazawa.
Currently, it is passed through a neutralization facility using lime, but still seems to be still acidic, with a pH of around 5.5.
The squid is almost extinct due to the acidity, but the dwarfed dace survives on Lake Tazawa and seems to be able to fish.

The following picture was taken with the car up to the observatory at Katamaeyama Forest Park, but the trees were so big that I could not see Lake Tazawa.


Lake Tazawa was formerly known as Tazawa nogata, Tatsukogata.
That is why the Tatsuko Legend is famous.

Lake Tazawa (Tazawako) Sightseeing

Tatsuko Legend

A daughter named Tatsuko lived in Jinsei Village in Senboku-gun.
Tatsuko is a very beautiful girl, and when she notices her beauty, she wants to keep her youth and beauty.
And Tatsuko says that he made a wish for a hundred nights to Kannon Bodhisattva.
Then Kannon told Tatsuko that there was a spring deep in the mountain and that he should drink the water.


When he found a small pond, Tatsuko drank water as he told him, but the more he drank, the more he was thirsty and said he drank a lot.
Then, Tatsuko replied to “Dragon".
When Tatsuko realizes that it is a reward for eternal immortality, he expands the spring into a large lake, and it is said that Tazawako came to live mainly there.


That is why there is a “Tatsuko statue" in Lake Tazawa, but the one near Hansa Palace is a Tatsuko statue by Yasutake Funakoshi.

Right next to the Tatsuko statue is Ukiki Shrine (Ukiki-jinja), which is known as the god of marriage and attracted many tourists.


There are also “Tatsuko Kannon" on the eastern shore of Lake Tazawa, “Hime Kannon Statue" on the northern shore, and “Tatsuko Hime Statue" at Mizaishi Shrine, which is said to have drank spring water.
There is a parking lot where you can shop at a souvenir shop where there is a statue of Tatsuko.
However, there is no regular parking, so in my case, I parked the car in a free car park with a new public toilet.
On our original Tohoku map , we will mark the location.

In addition, the area near the Tatsuko statue is full of tourists up to the road, so please be careful when passing by car.

Gozaishi Shrine

Gozaishi Shrine (Gozanoishi-jinja) is the place where Tatsuko drank the water that triggered the dragon.

The god of religion is the god of worship, Watatsumi god, and the god of beauty, Ryukohime.


On the right hand side of the precinct was a statue of Princess Tatsuko.


Name called throne stone, to Keian of the Edo Period 3 (1650), Kubota clan main-Yoshitaka Satake is, when you cruise the Lake Tazawa, from the fact that rested over the waist, I am painted in red is on a lake Tazawa There is a torii gate.
The rock with this torii is a large, flat rock that was once trained by the examiner.
You will be sitting on this big rock.


There is a free parking lot, a shop and a cafeteria on the west side of Gozaishi Shrine, so you can easily stop by.
Further to the west of the parking lot, there was the “Igata-no-sensen", where Tatsuko drank and became a dragon.
I read it as gatagashira.


Lake Tazawa Pleasure Boat

When you get on the Tazawako pleasure boat, you can enjoy the mysterious lake, Lake Tazawa, while listening to the story of the legendary Tatsuko princess.
It departs from the Tazawako Rest House in the east as shown below.


There is a large free car park.
Tickets for Lake Tazawa Pleasure Boat are purchased at the side of Lake Tazawa Rest House and then go to the pier.

Operates from late April to early November.
The required time (boarding time) is 40 minutes, but please note the timetable as the number is small.

Lake Tazawa is a place where it takes about one hour to take a sightseeing tour with a car, excluding the time when you are on a sightseeing boat.


There is a lake bath so you can swim in summer.
Every September, the Lake Tazawa Marathon, which is open to the public if you apply in advance, is also held.
Although there are some, there are cycling roads on the lakeside and bicycle rental, so there are various ways to enjoy.

I revisited again in the spring of the following year when I visited evil.
However, it was unfortunate that snow would end in March, and the lake was covered with fog (clouds).
However, on the road of Lake Tazawa, I could see beautiful winter scenery like rime.


There is also a famous honey shop called honey in the mountains.
It is a famous store that won the 10th place in the souvenir facility section nationwide, and there is also a tasting & tasting corner, and a lot of honey and soft ice cream are sold.
However, it is not located on the shores of Lake Tazawa, and there is a shop near the “Tazawako Entrance" signal on National Route 341.
Map of Lake Tazawa Pleasure Boat