What is Kusakabe yoshimi Shrine? A historical site that is older than Aso Shrine and is associated with Hikoyainomikoto


Introduction of Kusakabe Yoshimi Shrine

Kusakabe Yoshimi Shrine is located in Takamori-cho, Aso County, Kumamoto Prefecture.

It is said to have been built older than the Aso Shrine, and that Hideko Yai-no-mikoto came up the Gokase River from Takachiho during the Eastern Expedition of Emperor Jinmu to exterminate a large snake that was living in a pond.

And when they buried the pond, they built a palace and lived there, but they called it “Kusakabe" because they made a wall out of bundles of grass.

It is also said that the name “Yoshimi" came to be given to the shrine because it was called “Konozokiyoshi Miyatoko".

Hikoyai no Mikoto and Hikoyai no Mikoto were the first imperial sons born to the first Emperor Jinmu and the daughter of the Great Lord God.

On the way to Aso, the grandson of Emperor Jinmu, Takewatatsu no Mikoto, who is said to be the son of Kamihachi Iminomikoto, was ordered to govern Aso and stopped at the mansion of Hikhachi Iminomikoto.


At that time, she married Aso Tsuhime no Mikoto, who is said to be the daughter of Kusabe Yoshimi God (Kunitatsuryu God), and the shrine was enshrined at Aso Shrine.

Basically, it is thought that they were sent to take care of the nation’s affairs in the state of Mount Aso, which is fuming, but …

Sightseeing Kusakabe yoshimi Shrine

Kusabe Yoshimi Shrine, along with Uto Jingu and Ichinomiya Nukumae Shrine, is one of Japan’s three major descending shrines.


The shrine is located at the lower part of the entrance, so you can visit the shrine by going down 130 steps.


The bottom line is that on the way back, you’ll have to climb the stairs.

The shrine building was built in 1556 during the Warring States Period by a vassal of the Aso clan, Kai Chikanari (Kai Sakon Shoshinari).


There were sculptures around the main shrine that gave a sense of solemnity and history.

There was a torii on the right hand side of the hand water house, and a path leading to the shrine’s lower Oshio Well and Yoshino Ike (eight virtuous waters).

If you go down a bit, you will find Yoshino Pond, which is filled with water from a spring.


Transportation to the Kusakabe Yoshimi Shrine

Access and directions to Kusabeyoshimi Shrine are inconvenient unless you drive.
Free parking is provided on the left side of the torii.


The sightseeing time is about 15-20 minutes.
It’s located between Takachiho and Aso, so if you have the time, I highly recommend stopping by.
Map of Kusakabe yoshimi ShrineMap of Kusakabe yoshimi Shrine parking lot (above)