Kawaguchiko Monkey Mawashi Theater 1000-year-old Japanese monkey street performance is recommended


Introduction of Kawaguchiko Monkey Mawashi Theater

Kawaguchiko Monkey Turn Theater is a monkey theme park located in Fujikawaguchiko, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture.
Street performances such as monkey turnings, that is, monkey dances using Japanese monkeys, can be seen at several permanent theaters throughout Japan, or even on business trips at events and events.
We often see them at shrine festivals.
Such monkey turnings boasted a history of 1000 years, and in the Edo period there was a group of monkey turning teachers who traveled to regions and cities.
In other words, in Japan, it is a traditional art that has a tradition.
However, it is said that only three remain, Edo, Kishu and Suo.

Kawaguchiko Monkey Mawashi Theater Sightseeing

The Monkey Turner at the Kawaguchiko Monkey Turn Theater is a performance by the Suo Monkey Turner Association in Yamaguchi Prefecture, which also shows the Monkey Turner at the Aso Theater.
Suo Monkey Turner’s Association is designated as an Intangible Folk Cultural Property.
Speaking of the monkey star of the Suo Monkey Mawashi-kai, the first generation Choromatsu, which became extremely popular in the Sony Walkman CM (1987).


My trainer is Goro-san (Murasaki Goro-san), so should I say “Goro-choromatsu"?
At that time, it was said that a CM location was performed at Lake Ashinoko, but for the two days the director’s desired expression was not obtained, and on the third day after the schedule was over, OK was finally announced.
However, Goro Choromatsu’s first Choro Matsu died at the age of 29 in 2007, and is it the fourth generation now? Choromatsu has taken over the technique.

On this day, another group appeared and it was Mr. Tsuneji and Yuji.
Joji is the trainer and Yuji is the monkey’s name.

It seems that the jumping power is outstanding, and I am surprised at the physical ability of the Japanese monkey.
By the way, this Tsujiji is from Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture, and at first he was a staff member of the Aso Monkey Mawarashi Theater. “I want to be," and now it is the main pillar of Lake Kawaguchi.


In addition, performances in the venue of Monkey Turnaround are prohibited from video and video shooting.
However, “photographing" is currently permitted, and many have been taken.
Since it is an indoor facility equipped with air conditioning, it is safe even on rainy days.

The story during the performance is in Japanese, but since there are many foreign tourists, subtitles translated into English, Korean, and Chinese are also played on the projector.
It may be rude, but even if there is a family saying that you do not want to see monkeys, if you look at Kawaguchiko Monkey Turn, the funny trainer’s talk and monkey’s appearance will naturally smile I know it overflows.
Finally, when you leave the exit, you can take a commemorative photo with the monkey.


There are discounts and coupons.
You can get discounts just by displaying the discount screen of the official website on your smartphone and showing it at the entrance reception, so I hope you will try it out by all means.

Official site

The show is open all year round, but the start time of the program may not match, so check the official website.
Weekdays are a little less, and there are regular holidays in winter, so please check the performance schedule.

The only monkey turning theater in the world is quite large with a capacity of 655 people.
However, it was unlikely to be full, and the curtain was on so that it could not be seen from behind.

When you pay the entrance fee, you will be given a “tag" instead of a ticket for each person.
According to the order of the colors of the bills, it will enter the theater, but it will open about 10 minutes ago.
Please follow the instructions of the staff when entering, as there is a description of the color of the bill.
Performance time is about 40 minutes.

In addition, there is a waiting room where cooling and heating is effective during the waiting time, but there is a breeding gauge for Japanese monkeys in the outside plaza, you can buy food for 100 yen, pick it with tongs and give it to monkeys .

In addition, there are small playground equipment, so even if you arrive a little earlier by time, even children will not have time.
There are no dining facilities in the park, such as restaurants, but there are souvenir shops.


Transportation to the Kawaguchiko Monkey Mawashi Theater

To access the Kawaguchiko Monkey Theater, please take the retro bus “Kawaguchiko Shizen Seikatsukan" from Kawaguchiko Station on the Fujikyuko Line, and get off at the Kawaguchiko Monkey Mawara Theater front bus stop for about 22 minutes.
There are about 100 parking lots, and if you use the Monkey Turn Theater, the parking fee is free, but the parking lot outside the use was stated as 500 yen.

If you take a taxi from Kawaguchiko Station, it costs around 2500 to 3000 yen.

There is no such thing as a monkey, and I am surprised at the physical ability far superior to humans.
It is quite recommended, so why not try to visit once by all means?
Map of Kawaguchiko Monkey Mawashi Theater