What is Katsuren Castle and Amawari? The highlight of Katsuren Castle is the Oni-Ojo Castle and the wonderful view [Okinawa’s World Heritage]

Katsuren Castle

Introduction of Katsuren Castle

Katsurengusuku ( Katsurengusuku / Katsurenjo ) is a mountain castle built at an altitude of about 100m. It is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage (World Cultural Heritage) and a Japanese National Historic Site as a Gusuku and related heritage group of the Ryukyu Kingdom. I am.
In 2017, it was also designated as one of Japan’s Top 100 Castles.

It is thought that the first castle was built by Anji Mochizuke, but the period is estimated at 1300 plus or minus 100 years, which is a very rough estimate.

茂知附按司(Mochizuki-aji) is to have been forced to misrule, is a farmer born in Chatan and chopped Yara village Amawari (Amawari) is to defeat Mochizuki-aji, become aji of katsuren castle Was.
This page introduces the highlights of amawari and Katsuren Castle.

Ama Kazutoshi’s childhood name is Kana.
He is said to have been abandoned on the mountain because he was weak from birth and could not walk until he was ten years old.
At that time, seeing spiders nesting in the mountains, Kana was also said to have devised a cast net to use for fishing, so he seemed to be an idea man.


The following is a full view of Katsuren Castle, but you can see that it looks so steep in the photos.
However, it actually feels sharper than the photo.

IMG_9450There is an anecdote in this story that Kazushi Ama defeated Anji Shigetsuki.

It is said that amawari and his peasant went to Katsuren Castle, putting weapons in the sake barrels, in order to offer the sacred sake to Shigechi Anji.

IMG_4823Akira Kazushi and his entourage went to the garden to try to drink the sacred sake offered.As amawari agreed with the peasant of his subordinate, he signaled that he would open the lid of the sake barrel, and the weapon that had been hidden in the vat. And say that he has attacked his aides.

While his aides stood stunned without knowing what had happened, amawari caught the hair collar of Shigechi Anji and pulled down and stabbed it with a sword.

IMG_9445And to those who are surprised around …

Now, those who surrender save their lives, those who do not surrender their heads with their heads exposed

Everyone shouted down and surrendered, and amawari took over Katsuren Castle.

IMG_9448In this way, it is said that it remains as a lore.

In addition, amawari not only trades with the mainland through Yoron Island, Okinoerabu Island, and Amami Oshima Islands, but also trades with Korea and becomes a powerful force.

IMG_4827In this way, amawari became a place of sight, and the sixth king of the Shuri Castle , King Naoyasu Hisashi, the first king of Shuri Castle , raised an important daughter, Baidu , to stabilize Ryukyu rule. Was married.

IMG_4828However, in August 1458, Gosamaru and amawari became a rebellion .

IMG_4829The retainers that can be used to dynasty in addition to the Amawari, the other alone Gosamaru there were authorities say (Gosamaru) is.

IMG_4830It is alleged that Gojimaru of Nakaji Castle Anji took action to recruit soldiers to combat Ama Kazutoshi.
Ama Kazutoshi who saw this move early reported to King Yasuhisa that Gosamaru had a rebellious move.

IMG_4832Therefore, King Yasuhisa appointed Akazu Toshi as the general of the suppression army, and besieged Nakagusuku Castle.
Gosamaru, who knew that the castle was besieged by the Imperial Guard, pierced his loyalty and seemed to prove his innocence with his wife and children without fighting back.


It is said that Awa Toshi, who was able to destroy Morisaharu Gosamaru , advanced his army to attack Shuri Castle.
This thing, wife of 百度踏揚(momotofumiagari-Princess of the Ryukyu dynasty) is the servant of the princess Goeku Ken’yu (Goeku – Ken’yu), an alias demon Oshiro told to escape to Shuri Castle from katsuren castle along with the (Uniufugushiku) Was.


As a result, amawari will fight against the subjugation army who made this Ogi Keno (Ogre Oshiro) a general.
In some cases, Ama Kazutoshi’s younger brother, Kenkyu, was killed.

Kenio Koshirai (Kiyoshi Oshiro) surrounds Katsuren Castle, but it is hard to drop because of the strong castle.
For this reason, it is said that she dressed herself and sneaked into Katsuren Castle to defeat Ama Katoshi, who was careless.
Since then, Katsuren Castle has not been used, and stone walls and other parts are apparently being carried away.


Kenio Ogaki (Oniki Ojo), who was named Takeo, became a general manager of Ogaki Makiri (Ogora, Okinawa City) and called himself Ogaki Okakata Keno.
He further states that he had a wife, whose grandfather was defeated by her husband and whose tragedy princess, Baidu, was defeated by her father.

Sightseeing Katsuren Castle

Katsuren Castle is now being restored to its former appearance, with the stone walls that had been lost being restored.


The tour is open 24 hours and is free, and the sightseeing travel time is about 30-60 minutes.

IMG_4840You can see Nakagusuku Bay to the south and the underwater road to the east, the scenery is the best with a large panorama, and it is as cliff as Manzamo.
However, this time the weather was bad, sorry.

I think that if it is sunny, you will have a wonderful scenery, so it is good for dating spots.IMG_4842There was a place of worship at Katsuren Castle without exception.
The following is the place of worship of Ushinusigama (the cave of Ujinusigama) where the guardian deity of Katsuren Castle is enshrined.


It is said that the cave of Ujinusigama is connected to the cave of Tamanomi Utaki.


There are also wells (cars at the entrance).IMG_4822The castle ruins are steep, but sometimes the climb is not so steep.
However, when visiting, “shoes" are recommended more than sneakers.
Please note that it is slippery on rainy days and the scaffolding is bad even after rain.
Summer is hot so don’t forget to take care of sunscreen and hydration.

Transportation to Katsuren Castle

It is a guide map below, but it feels like entering the castle area from a certain direction with “metal products" on the lower left.
The parking lot is located on the middle side, so it is relatively easy.

How to get to and access Katsuren Castle, there is a free parking lot (9:00 am to 18:00 pm) at the place called Katsuren Castle Ruins Rest Station.

From Naha Airport, it takes about 90 minutes by high-speed rental car.
By taxi, it costs about 8,000 yen from Naha city.
Map of Katsuren Castle Ruins Rest Station