Kaiyodai-observation deck where you can see the horizon of the grassland



Introduction of Kaiyodai

Kaiyodai is a mountain hill from Nakashibetsu-cho, Shibetsu-gun, Hokkaido, with a great view.
It is located at the corner of Kaishidai ranch in Nakashibetsu Town, which is about 100 Tokyo Dome.

It is unobstructed as far as the eye can see if the sunny does not have anything.
From the Kaiyodai Observatory, which is famous for its large panorama of about 330 degrees, you can see far from the Notsuke Peninsula and Kunigo Island.


Kaiyodai Sightseeing

Since it is at a height of 270m above sea level, the horizon of the grassland underneath it can be seen, and if you look closely it is “rounded" and you can feel that the earth is round.


Lattice-like windbreaks also in Hokkaido heritage has been registered roots 釧台 destinations, is a view that can be seen clearly.


In the vast pasture, dairy cattle of about 1000 animals have been grazing.

Since there is also promenade of 2.6km, it is also possible to see the cow’s near stroll.
Below are the monuments.


The shop on the first floor of the observation deck is open from late April to the end of October, and is open from 9am to 17:30 am and until 16:30 am in October.
However, the roof of the observatory has become as Agareru the stairs from the outside, is a 24-hour free.
From the free parking, it will be the place where climbed about 3 minutes a little gentle stairs.


There was also a standard facility for lovers.

Transportation to Kaiyodai

It is the access directions, but it is a 15-minute drive from nakashibetsu airport, there is no such route bus.
Therefore, it will be a taxi or rental car visit.
Since it is also a sacred place of bike touring, the two-wheeled vehicle riders visit are also many.
Go up the one-way slope to the parking lot.
There is also a map, so please refer to it.

The travel time is about 20-30 minutes.

Roads and intersections in the vicinity of Kaiyo table is there are many is a place that is a “Stop".
The “stop” in Hokkaido can cause a serious accident if you do not stop right and stop right and left, so follow the traffic rules.

It is also good to time to go to Yoroushi hot springs in the vicinity, if any.
Map of Kaiyodai