Kaikoen-Tourist spots near the station where you can enjoy a walk with your family


Introduction of Kaikoen

Yearning for the old days garden (Kaikoen) is in the Nagano Prefecture Komoro Komoro Castle becomes the mark of the park, was opened in 1880 (1880).

In spring, it is known as a cherry blossom spot that has been selected as one of Japan’s top 100 cherry blossom spots. It has become a tourist spot to visit.

Trees that can be seen include maples, zelkova, cherry blossoms, kobushi, dandelion azalea, ginkgo and maple.

The official name is Komoro Castle Ruins Kaikoen, a municipal park, but this is because the name of “Kakoro Shrine" was built at the main castle of Komoro Castle, which had completed its role in the abolished domain. Seems to be called a nostalgic garden.

Kaikoen Sightseeing

The garden of Kikoroen, the Komoro Castle Ruins, is not just a castle ruin or a park, but also has many attractions.


For families, there is the Komoro City Children’s Amusement Park, where you can enjoy an orthodox vehicle such as a coffee cup, merry-go-round, or roller coaster at a low price of 200 yen per ride.

There is also the oldest zoo in Nagano called the “Komoro City Zoo", where Japanese monkeys, lions, iguanas, rabbits, etc. are displayed.

The “Fujimura Memorial Hall," reminiscent of Shimazaki Toson’s Komoro Period, has a variety of exhibits, mainly works written while Shimazaki Toson was assigned to Komoro Gijuku.
Poet and novelist Fujimura Shimazaki has been an English teacher at Komoro Gijuku for 6 years since 1902.
And it has led to the writing of “Baikai," a masterpiece.

There is also the Keizo Koyama Museum of Art, a painter from Komoro, and his works are on display. The museum also offers views of Chikuma River flowing below.

As a small spot, there is also a snack, drink, ice cream, etc. at “Stop Garden" on the north side of the track.

Also, on the north side (free section) of Kaikoen, a steam locomotive C56-144 was also exhibited.


Transportation to the Kaikoen

It is a very convenient way to get to Kokaien, a 3-minute walk from Komoro Station on the JR Koumi Line / Shinano Railway to the entrance.
Of course, there are paid parking lots, but at times such as the Sakura Festival some congestion is essential.

Kaikoen (Komoro Castle) is a paid tour, and it opens from 9 am to 5 pm in the morning.
Closed days (regular holidays) are closed every Wednesday in the winter season from December to mid-March.
After that, the holidays are closed from December 29 to January 3rd, but the park is frozen because it is frozen. The land will be closed from December 1 to mid-March.

As for discounts and coupons, JAF discounts were used.
The tour takes about 60 minutes, but you can bring your own lunch box and go for hiking and cherry blossom viewing.
Map of Kaikoen