Japanese kimono


A means “wearing things" is a term to mean simply inherently “clothes".
In fact, before the clothes are popular in Japan, the Japanese was calling clothes general as “kimono".
The word kimono, was not meant to distinguish between Japanese culture and Western culture.
But the Meiji era and later, because the people who wear the clothes began to increase in Japan, the clothes of Japanese native went so called kimono in order to distinguish it from the clothes.
Beautiful color embroidery and pattern on cloth fabric is applied, the band and undershirt, such as hairpin, and prepares the whole it with a variety of items.
Is difficult to wear alone, it is common to get dressed to the person who qualified of kimono called a “dresser".
There are a lot of shops that rent a kimono in Asakusa, a large number of foreigners enjoys.
Asakusa kimono rental shop List