Parking information at the time of congestion at Ise Shrine and Naiku Ise Shrine’s worship strategy


Ise shrine

Introduction of Ise Jingu

Ise Shrine(Ise jingu) is the most prestigious shrine in Japan, enshrined by Amaterasu, the sun-god of the sun.
According to the Nippon Shoki and Kojiki, Ise Jingu was founded around 26 C.E., and in ancient times, worship of non-Emperors was prohibited.
After that, he was worshiped as the deity of the whole of Japan and became the supreme god.

Of course, Ise worship during the Edo period comes to Ise on foot, so it does not mean that you can easily go from all over the country.
For this reason, it is said that the representatives elected in the village traveled to Ise using the money that the villagers gathered as travel expenses.
During the trip, there were various events such as running out of travel expenses for gambling and sometimes being stolen.

Ise was visited by many such worshipers, so of course there were many shops and souvenir shops offering hospitality.
The remnants are now called “Thanks Yokocho" and “Oharai town".


Ise Shrine Sightseeing

By the way, the inner shrine of Ise Jingu Shrine is about a 10-minute walk from Ujibashi in Isuzugawa, which is the entrance and exit, to the place where there is a shrine, where there is a shrine. (While you may have to wait for a few hours during the New Year’s visit)
Police officers are on alert throughout the precincts.

Generally, you will proceed on the right-hand side, but before reaching Masamiya, there is a place where you can get off at the side of Isuzu River.
In the past, I worshiped after purifying my body with the water of the river, so I hope that you should be able to wash your hands.
At present, it is called “hand wash area".

From there, go into the woods and you will see a kagura shrine where charms are sold.
You can buy your bills on the way back, so if you continue on the road, you will soon see the Goshoden (Shomiya).


Photographing and video shooting are permitted up to the bottom of the stairs in Masamiya.
The shooting is prohibited from the stairs, so be careful of manners so that God does not rude.

For regular weekends and holidays, the sightseeing time of Ise Shrine “Naiku" is about 30 minutes inside from Ujibashi.
Please note that the time required from the parking lot to Ujibashi is not included.
A distant parking lot can take up to two hours.

If you have the time, you may want to visit the Amatsuri Shrine in Betsugu, which is on the precincts.


Specialty of Ise Shrine

Speaking of the specialty of Ise Jingu, souvenirs are “Akafuku" after all.
However, Akafuku has only about three days.
Because it doesn’t contain preservatives.
Also, as the mochi becomes harder, I want to eat it by the next day after purchase.

Also, “Ise Udon" is famous.
Ise Udon is a type of udon that is dark and has a small amount of “tsuyu", meaning that it is eaten in soy sauce, but the noodles are mochi mochi.
Both can be eaten or purchased at “Oharai Town", so please take a stroll and visit.

Transportation to the Ise Shrine(Ise Jingu)

Please see here because there is an English site.

Ise Jingu (Naiku) parking lot

The parking lot closest to Ise Jingu is the “Naiku A1 / A2” parking lot (207 cars), but it will be full first.
A1 is 52 units for 24 hours and A2 is 155 units from 5 am.
However, on busy days, A2 may be dedicated to sightseeing buses.
Also, at noon even on weekdays, A1 may be full.
Therefore, if you can arrive at 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning except for the New Year’s visit, it is good to aim for this A1.
After that, after 10 am, I think it will be full, so I will leave a little but the following parking lot is recommended.
Naiku A4 (53 cars) is also close to Ujibashi, but when A1 is full, it will be crowded next time.
After that, I think it will be filled from Naiku B2 (98), Naiku B1 (254), Naiku B3 (73), Naiku B4 (110).
Even on weekends and holidays, the parking lot is most crowded, especially during lunchtime.
Relatively hungry is “Naiku B5".
The Naiku B5 can stop as many as 625 units, so even if the display is full, the turn is fast.

Therefore, if it is indicated on the electronic bulletin board installed on the nearby road that you should go to Naiku B5, it is safer to obey.

In addition, B5 and B6 are riverbed parking lots, so some road surfaces are unpaved.

The checkout machine at the parking lot can only use 1000 yen bills.
Please note that 10,000 and 5,000 yen bills cannot be used.
Also, issue a receipt and present it at the Ise-Shima Skyline tollgate for a 20% discount.

If it is a GW or a tray, the road will be congested, so it may be better to aim for B6 from the beginning.
The distance to Ujibashi will be slightly shorter than stopping at B1 etc.
In the event of congestion, temporary parking lots will be set up near Isuzu Park and prefectural athletics stadiums.

On a very busy day, the parking lot of “Prefectural Sun Arena" will be released, and it will become a park & ​​bus slide, and a shuttle bus will operate.
Here also the parking fee is 1000 yen, but the shuttle bus is free.
Because the bus partially passes on the bus dedicated road, there is no traffic congestion and it is comfortable.

Anyway, it takes time and driving is dangerous if you are wondering where to go to the parking lot on site.
Therefore, we recommend that you check the entrance of the parking lot as much as possible in advance.
The following sites provide information on empty / full vehicles in real time.

→ Parking map of Ise Shrine

If it’s a regular weekend, holiday, spring break, GW (Golden Week), summer vacation, or tray, I think it’s better to head to Ise at 8am to 9am if possible.
Of course, there are “differences" depending on the weather, temperature, and other factors, so I would like to ask for your understanding that it can not be said unconditionally.

The latest congestion forecast calendar

With the first visit of the New Year’s Day, such as New Year’s Day, you can escape the peak of congestion if you arrive by 7 am in the early morning.
However, please note that during the period of the New Year’s visit, the exit of the Ise Nishi IC and Ise IC will be closed and you will not be able to get off on the high-speed Ise road, and the surrounding roads will be closed more frequently.

By the way, Ise Jingu also has a Geku.
Originally, it is said that the right way to visit is to visit the Geku first, and then visit the Naiku, which is often introduced on TV, etc. Is overwhelmingly more.

Map of Ise Shrine(Ise Jingu)