Inuyama Castle, Sweets Castle-Tokai Region

Inuyama Castle

Inuyama Castle Sightseeing

We arrived at Inuyama Castle around 9 in the morning, and the parking lot was already 80% full. It is popular though it is rainy.
At Inuyama Castle, they lined up for about 5 minutes to buy an admission ticket and about 30 minutes to enter the castle tower.

Entering the castle tower does not impose restrictions on entry, but it is like taking off your shoes and putting them in a plastic bag, and the behavior of entering is crowded and it seems that they are lined up to enter.
However, the stairs are narrow and steep because it is truly the oldest castle tower in Japan. Therefore, on the stairs up and down, there was traffic jam on each floor and people.

The highest tower is also a one-way street, and on the lower floor, you can always hear the sound of a tree turning like “squeezing" from above.
Moreover, the balustrade in the corridor (veranda) of the castle tower looks poor, and if there are so many people, wouldn’t it collapse under the weight? I felt fear.

This is the first time we have had such a fear in the corridor of a castle.
If it collapses, it’s such a high place, can’t you help? I felt scarier than riding in the sky heaven of Lake Sagami.


There are a number of shrines in the circle of Inuyama Castle.


Above is Harami Shrine.

20150504181129264Above is Himegamesha of Sanko Inari Shrine.

20150504181129318Sanko Inari Shrine had “sensen".

However, it is a “pay" to wash money.
Naturally, no one was washing the bill.


The above is Sarutahiko Shrine.

20150504181130099After that, go out to the castle town and pay a tour of the Karakuri Exhibition Hall and the History Museum.

The history museum was quite impressive.

Transportation to the Inuyama Castle

◇ Inuyama Line ・ Kakamigahara Line “ Inuyama Yuen Station " West Exit-15 minutes walk from entrance ticket office
◇ Meitetsu Inuyama Line, Komaki Line, Hiromi Line “ Inuyama Station " West Exit-16-minute walk from entrance ticket office
Map of Inuyama Castle

Sweets castle Sightseeing

By the way, after Inuyama Castle, we went to “Cake Castle" for children’s enjoyment.
It is located at Takeda Seika’s factory in the industrial area of ​​Inuyama City.
Just arrived around noon.

It was planned from the beginning, but since it is an indoor facility, it can be said that it was just fine in rainy weather.


There are plenty of world-famous sugar crafted buildings that are worth seeing.

The entrance fee is quite high, but I felt that it was a facility that cost money.

By the way, the admission fee is discounted with a JAF membership card.

In addition to the banking restaurant, there is also a dessert buffet (800 yen) on the first floor.
Dessert buffet is popular because you can drink all you can drink and you can make and eat “parfait” by yourself in addition to cake buffet.
For this reason, we had lunch earlier in the castle town of Inuyama Castle.
However, it doesn’t seem like he’s fat because he feels fat.

You can also rent a dress for 800 yen for 90 minutes.
It is not good to shoot too many people’s dresses without permission, so there are only photos above, but almost all young girl groups seemed to borrow dresses, and many people were dressed in couples .
Other than food, we could walk freely while wearing this dress, and there were several shooting points such as sofas and carriages.
The dress is not cheap, it is a brand-name product, and it’s a full-fledged type, as it drags the hem of your feet.
There are sizes for children to adults.

Transportation to the Sweet Castle

◇From Nagoya Station
From Meitetsu Nagoya Station, get off at Meitetsu Inuyama Line Konan Station. About 30 minutes by limited express. About 20 minutes by taxi from “Gangnam Station". .

◇From Nagoya municipal subway
From Nagoya Municipal Subway Meijo Line “Heiandori”, get off at Meitetsu Komaki Line “Rakuda” station. About 20 minutes. About 20 minutes on foot from “Rakuda Station". 5 minutes by taxi. * Taxis are not available for customers coming from Rakuda Station. Please contact the taxi company in advance. (Inuyama Taxi @ TEL: 0120-610302)

◇For those using Inuyama Community Bus from Rakuda Station (every weekday service)
Departs and arrives from Meitetsu Komaki Line / Rakuda Station, even on the western part of the Rakuda Line / holidays Fare: 200 yen / adult, 100 yen / elementary student per day 12/29-1/4 does not operate
◆ A 5-minute walk from the working youth home stop

Depart from east of Rakuda Station7:58  9:38  11:15  13:53  15:33  17:28
Arrive at working youth home8:04  9:44  11:21  13:59  15:39  17:34
Working Youth Home Departure9:47  11:44  14:02  15:59  17:42
Arrive east of Rakuda Station9:53  11:50  14:08  16:05  17:48

Map of Sweet Castle