Inubosaki and Inubosaki Lighthouse A chalk lighthouse where the beautiful blue sky and sea look good



Introduction of Inubosaki

Inubosaki is a cape at the tip of the Choshi Peninsula, the easternmost point of the Kanto Plain.
The video “Araiso ni Nami” that flows during the opening of a Toei movie was shot at a rocky area in Inubosaki.


However, it is currently out of bounds because it is dangerous.
It is said that the dog barks, but the origin is that the dog was barking because his pet dog, Wakamaru , from Yoshitsune Minamoto was abandoned here and continued to cry for seven days and seven nights in favor of his master. There is a theory that it was done.

It is a seafood plateau surrounded by the sea on three sides, and it is the easternmost part of the Kanto region.


There are also routes that take you around the lighthouse.


Inubosaki Lighthouse Sightseeing

Inubosaki Lighthouse is a scenic spot that has been selected as one of the “100 Best Lighthouses in the World". It is a paid facility where you can climb the spiral stairs (99 steps) from inside the lighthouse and see the magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean.
This lighthouse has a long history and was built in Meiji 7 and is the second tall tower (31.57m) in Japan to be a brick building.


It is a scenic spot included in Suigo Tsukuba Quasi-National Park, and is famous as a lighthouse where the earth looks round because of the good view of the Pacific Ocean.
However, be careful not to skip anything when the wind is strong.

Japan is an island country, so there are many lighthouses.
However, there aren’t many places to go inside the lighthouse.
At the Inubosaki Lighthouse, there are also lighthouse related materials and exhibits, such as the Inubosaki Lighthouse Museum.

The lighthouse area is charged for 200 yen for adults (free for elementary school students), from 8:30 to 16:00 in the morning.
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Transportation to the Inubosaki

It is a 7-minute walk from Inubo Station on Choshi Electric Railway.
There will be several parking spaces in front of the lighthouse and an empty space on the shoulder of the approach road.

However, on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, etc., it may be full, so in that case, give up and stop at the paid parking lot (500 yen).
Map of Inubosaki Lighthouse