Internet usage in Japan


If you want to stay in Japan, but there are usually wired and wireless Internet environment in the hotel and Condominium, or was too lazy to put a password, you will not be able to use when you go out.
So, we summarized how you can comfortably use the Internet when you are staying in Japan.

The use of the free Wi-fi service

In recent years, also a major facility and railway Japan has increased the Wi-fi spot, also has emerged tourists dedicated service from abroad.
Not need too much Internet in Japan, in an environment that can be net connected only to be capable of Internet connection, to the people who, we recommend the free Wi-Fi spot.

・Basically free
・It can be utilized in-multiple devices

・The available spots are concentrated in the big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka
・Spot often must be done, such as registration and certification by the time to connect
・Once-connection number is large, it may not be net connection
・Depending on the location, there is a problem with security

Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi

You can use the app “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi", you can use the free WiFi in major airports and tourist facilities, the Tokyo metropolitan bus, such as about 90 000 access points.
How to use it, iPhone, ipad, the Android smart phone, use to put app “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi," the (iOS / Android). It is easy and very convenient. First it is possible to use it if you register the e-mail address.

◇Official site
Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi

◇iPhone, ipad app

◇Android App

◇Available Place List

In addition, the Tokyo Metro Toei Subway, it is also possible to connect using the Internet browser.
SSID is Toei Subway is “Toei_Subway_Free_Wi-Fi", is the Tokyo Metro is “Metro_Free_Wi-Fi".
Use time is 3 hours per once, the number is unlimited.

Visit free Wi-Fi service for foreigners “TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi"

Visit to Japan by foreign special services, it is possible to use the Japanese people and foreign residents who visited from abroad, living in Japan people are not available.
Wi-Fi spot, which can be used in the initial state, such as free Wi-Fi spot of Starbucks and some municipalities, but is limited to about 60,000 spots, if you register a premium code, which is distributed from such partners and local governments, it is possible to easily use the Wi-Fi spots of Japan 240,000 locations.

◇Official site

◇iPhone, ipad app

◇Android App

Rent a mobile Wi-fi router

The mobile wifi router, to relay a network such as 3G network and 4G line and EMOBILE line and WIMAX line of mobile phone company, it is a small terminal enough to fit in a pocket.
If you use this, you can be connected to a personal computer or ipad, smartphone iphone and Android to the Internet.

PCs and smart phones will be able to connect to the Internet easily by simply a wifi connection settings. You do not need to replace the sim card. Also it is possible to make the Internet at high speed. And if roaming setting foreign sim card and you can also listen on the phone number overseas.

If you want to the Internet in smartphone on the go, it is that you must carry around two smartphones and mobile wifi router.

Receivable at the airport “WiFi-Hire"

You can choose the WiMAX and e-mobile line.
It is a terminal that can be its location in the Internet environment by simply turning on the power.
If you specify it is possible to receive in any of the “Narita Airport", “Haneda Airport International Terminal," “Chubu International Airport," “Kansai International Airport," “New Chitose Airport," “Fukuoka Airport".
Return is also available at a convenience store.

◇Fee: 3 days to 45 days
◇Plan flat-rate through the use dates <Example: 6 days ¥ 4,880 (including tax) / 15 days 10,380 yen (tax included)>
◇Communication speed: 75mbps ~
◇Plan: flat-rate
◇Speed limit: 1GB / day
◇Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified and traditional)
◇Airport counter: Yes
◇Official site: WIFI-HIRE.COM

Receivable at the airport “NINJA WIFI"

A service that began for those who are visiting Japan, you can sign up on the day at a particular airport.

◇Rates: ¥ 900 + tax / day
◇Communication speed: 75mbps
◇Plan: flat-rate
◇Speed limit: 1GB / day
◇Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), and Korean
◇Airport counter: Yes
◇The application day: Haneda Airport counter, Chubu International Airport counter, Kansai International Airport counter, Fukuoka Airport counter
◇Equipment receipt / return method: Airport counter, courier (Japan), Shinjuku office
(Airport) Narita Airport [* 4], Haneda Airport, Kansai International Airport, Chubu International Airport, Fukuoka Airport, New Chitose Airport [* 5], Niigata Airport, Komatsu Airport
[* 4] becomes correspondence in the “QL Liner Counter".
[* 5] correspondence becomes the “baggage deposit / courier / porter service".
◇Official site: NINJYA WIFI

Telecom Square

It is a rental WIFI for overseas that can be used worldwide. East, Southeast and South Asia, West and Central Asia, Pacific, Oceania, North and Central and South America, Europe, Africa, etc., it will cover the major regions of the world.

◇Rates: $ 12.95 / day
◇Communication speed: 37.5Mbps
◇Plan: flat-rate
◇Speed limit: 366MB / day, 10GB / month
◇Languages: English
◇Airport counter: No
◇Official site: telecomsquare

Contract a SIM card

Since the amount of communication is determined at the time of purchase, it is recommended to those who want is a light communication of e-mail only.

・SIM free terminal if there is available
・Cover all over Japan in a wide range
・The communication speed and communication amount and period of use, it is possible to choose a plan that fits their purpose of use

・First-time configuration is difficult
・Since the amount of communication is limited, and in some cases completely communication stalls
・If the Japanese do not meet the communication standard you are using the device, it is not possible to connect

Prepaid SIM that can be purchased at the airport “Prepaid LTE SIM"

Prepaid SIM of So-net that can buy at the airport “Prepaid LTE SIM" is, first floor and vending machines of the Kansai International Airport, the first and second terminal mobile center of Narita International Airport, New Chitose International Airport you can buy a mobile center. You can use a wide area because it uses the NTT DoCoMo SIM card. It is not possible to call in the communication only. (LINE and Skype is acceptable)

◇Rates: 1500 yen / 30day ~
◇Traffic: 1GB
◇Usage: data communication only
◇Duration: 30days ~
◇Activation: necessary
◇Where to buy: Purchase at the locations noted below.

◇Official site: Prepaid LTE SIM

OCN mobile ONE Prepaid SIM for VISITOR

It can be purchased at Amazon.
Same for area as the sim card of NTT DoCoMo is wide.
You can not call in communication only (LINE and Skype is acceptable).
You can use the unnecessary activation.

◇Rates: 1,000 yen + tax / day
◇Traffic: 2GB
◇Usage: data communication only
◇Expiration date: 366MB / day, 10GB / month
◇Activation: Not required
◇Purchase method: Tokyo Station, such as the consumer electronics retailer
◇Official site: Prepaid SIM for japan


Those who want to use also voice calls, is recommended to Japan for foreigners prepaid SIM card “PAYG SIM" is.
A validity period of 7 days, package rates voice calls for $ 9,980 to domestic calls and international calls are both possible 60 minutes, data communication will be available up to 3GB.
However, in the activation (the first set), because the connection is required to the Internet, you need to connect to the wifi in the hotel and shops.

◇Rates: 9,241 yen + tax / times
◇Traffic: 3GB
◇Usage: Call + data communication
◇Expiration date: 7 days
◇Activation: necessary
◇Purchase method: Yodobashi Camera (electronics stores), ion (supermarket), Dosupara (PC Shop), online store
◇Official site: PAYG SIM