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JR Yamanote, Saikyo, Shonan Shinjuku line, Tobu Tojo Line, Seibu Ikebukuro Line, Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, Yurakucho Line, one of the sub-center which Fukutoshin gather, Shinjuku, with Shibuya, bustling shopping district , to form a red-light district, a number of department stores and underground shopping center is spread around the Ikebukuro station.
Seibu is on the east side of the station, Ikebukuro Parco, large electronics stores, movie theaters, restaurants, shops, etc. gather.
The Sunshine City with Sunshine 60 (240 meters), World Import Mart there is an international aquarium and planetarium, shop district of Alpa, Cultural Center there are Ancient Orient Museum and the Sunshine theater, there is a building, such as a hotel.
On the other hand, the station of the west entrance, the Tobu Department Store, Fashion building of Marui City Ikebukuro addition, hotels, banks, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, and the like Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park.
Jiyu Gakuen tomorrow (Myonichi) Museum of Nishiikebukuro (1921 architecture) in the country specified (1997) important cultural property, it is in the hands of the F · L · Light, which is known in the design of the Imperial Hotel.

Food map

The food of Japan of 10 categories listed in each popularity and price, there is also a map from the nearest station.
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With a Tokyo metropolitan area of food culture

Maid cafe

There is a maid cafe information in the vicinity of Ikebukuro.
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Ikebukuro maid cafe

Shopping & Souvenirs

We have introduced the popular Japanese souvenirs abroad.
The department stores and electronics stores to buy souvenirs divided into each major station, also it is posted map from the nearest station.
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Typical electronics retail store
Typical department storev
Typical variety store

Tourism and play



Park is open and spacious ones.
Work that is representative to the image of the park of peace exudes an integral atmosphere of an art theater, we have drifted a scent of art.
There is a beautiful fountain in the vicinity of the entrance from the train station, it has been directing the cooling sensation.
Tall objects that are placed around the park, I feel good art of goods, delight the eye of visitors.
Both are lit up at night, especially fountain is decorated in gold light, it shows the downright mysterious look.
This park because of the scenic beauty, has become a drama and CM location of Mecca.
豊島区 西池袋1-8-26
◇Nearest station


Mejiro garden, in Ikeizumi stroll the garden, you can be around the perimeter of the pond.
Around the pond, the magazine “red bird" of the wooden tile-roofing one-story, which was the origin of the plow architecture and “Akatorian", hexagonal float Mi-do has been arranged.
Plants are located so that you can enjoy a variety of natural facial expressions of the four seasons is in the garden.
It is a valuable space that was built in the corner of the hustle and bustle of the city.
豊島区 目白3-20-18
◇Nearest station
mejiro / zoshigaya(目白 / 雑司が谷)
9:00 to 17:00 (July-August until 19:00)
◇Regular holiday
・Every 2nd and 4th Monday (the following day if a national holiday)
・Year-end and New Year holidays (December 29 – January 3)

西武池袋本店 食と緑の空中庭園

“Food and green hanging garden" is, of Normandy where painter Claude Monet to represent the Impressionists loved “Giverny gardens", and Paris-Orsay Fine Monet paintings, is further holdings in the Musee de l’Orangerie, visit the world to give the impression to many Impressionist fan in, landscaping forever to Monet later years of epic “water lily" that remains in the mind is inspiration
■ water and green
(1) garden to feel the four seasons. Space for relaxation, colorful flowers of promenade “water lily garden" (about 110 square meters)
On the roof of the department store, pond depth, about 25m × width and an average of about 7m it is born. Including water lily, iris flowers and climbing rose, such as about 80 kinds of flowers you can enjoy. Trees, (with variations depending on the season) about 25 kinds, such as weeping willow.
(2) to characterize the rooftop of the landscape “Green Wall"
A total of four places, the total length total of about 165m. Len Ten Rose, Princess Shah phosphorus by Rozea, gardenia, different flowers bloom every month, such as Plumbago, green wall that weaves the penetrated the thick season. Meeting people and living creatures, green space can be comforting space.
(3) installation children of lawn play barefoot square “grass field" (about 60 square meters) and a container about 100 groups, such as flowers and greenery everywhere.
■ Food
(1) delicious cuisine of the world in accordance with the season can enjoy “Restaurant and Bar"
Restaurant menu is replaced every season. In the evening, completely changed the adult space that alcohol can enjoy.
(2) provide distinctive of ten a “food cart" is good food at an affordable price.
Variety in Japanese, Western,, lineup until the drink cart. Food cart of other, Sanuki Udon “Karukaya" is also, of course, sales.
■ light and sound
(1) at sunset Blue Garden and the (blue color), the lighting is switched to the night of the Rose Garden (Rose color), “director of the Light"
Sunset and during the night, the views of the pleasant night, draw the Blue and Rose of light.
(2) three areas, production in tailored to the scene “ambient music".
Speakers placed in a position not visible to visitors. Time of day, we played the song program that changes every season.
[Other than service and unique facilities of “department store unique" is rich! ! ]
(1) Service: established the “rooftop conch Orge" (2 posts / 5 persons)
Each floor – 8th floor restaurant other guidance, such as “water lily garden", will guide the attractions of the roof.
(2) equipment: enjoy from children to adults, commitment facilities installation.
Such as mini-slide to the “Kids deck", three types installed play equipment (1 to 6 years).
Such as France and Belgium imported chairs, table, we have established a matched furniture everywhere on the roof of the atmosphere that can experience the natural environment. In winter, we have established about 30 cars a parasol heater, measures against cold also thorough.
(3) Event: wagon sale, morning market, morning yoga, and live music, such as has been certified for the first time as an activity of the place of Tokyo “Heaven Artist business" in the department store “street", held in the heart of the weekend.
(4) Consideration for the environment: it is working on a forest development aimed at reducing global warming prevention CO₂, using thinning of forest conservation project “Seven of the Forest", installed 30 units a sorting trash.
豊島区 南池袋1-28-1 本館9階 屋上
◇Nearest station
– Normal (May-June-September): 10:00 to 22:00
– Summer (July and August): 10:00 to 22:30
– Other than the above (October to April): 10:00 to 20:00
◇Regular holiday
[Mon-Sat and Sunday national holiday] 10:00 to 22:00
※ In some shops, they have different business hours.
※ due to bad weather, there are times when forced to be closed.


コニカミノルタプラネタリウム“満天”in Sunshine City

Planetarium equipment is a manufacturer direct management Museum of Konica Minolta Planetarium Co., Ltd., a. Japan’s first screening, “sky" original, such as you one after another appeared every three months the works that are not found only in that time “Manten".
“Enjoy thoroughly starry sky" concept, as a new sense planetarium to provide entertainment for adults, also as an attractive date spot, you’ll be able to feel the starry sky of excitement.
豊島区東池袋3-1-3 サンシャインシティ ワールドインポートマートビル屋上
◇Nearest station
A 10-minute walk from JR other Ikebukuro Station East Exit.
Tokyo Metro (subway) Yurakucho Higashiikebukuro a 5-minute walk from the station.
Hours: 11:00 to 20:00 (every hour 00 minutes start)
※showtimes might be changed by the season.
◇Regular holiday
None (closed only when replacement program)
■ adults (more than high school student) 1,100 yen
■ children (elementary and junior high school students) 500 yen
■ young children (4 years and older) 400 yen
■ Senior (over 65 years) 900 yen

Healing Planetarium: equal (elementary school – adult) 1,400 yen
(Children under the elementary school will not be admitted)

※ Tickets will have been sold at ticket office from 10:00 on the day, you can also purchase any time of Tickets.
※ Tickets are in the World Import Mart building rooftop, please purchase in the aquarium with a common ticket office.
※ ticket reservations are not accepted.
※ congestion by, there are times when you can not admission to your time of hope.
※ healing Planetarium of children less than elementary school can not enter.
※ screening time and work content, it might be subject to change. Please note.
※ screening the middle of the entrance and exit, we have refused.
※ If it is an act, such as the following during the screening, some may be asked to exit. Please acknowledge.
■ issue a loud voice, and begin to cry.
■ kick the front of the chair.
■ The operation of the mobile phones and electronic devices.
■ Any other activities that seems to trouble it takes to your around.




Aquarium is on the roof of the building. “Heavenly Oasis" to the concept, spread space reminiscent of a resort tropical.
In the outdoor area “Marine Garden", the first exhibition way become donut-shaped aquarium “Sunshine Aqua Ring" and in Japan, in the “sea lion our sandy beach", lovely appearance of sea lions can enjoy.
Fantastic also in the hotel’s “jellyfish tunnel", about the amount of water that reproduces a relatively shallow sea mild marine organisms live versatile 240t large aquarium, such as “Sunshine lagoon", attractions packed.
豊島区東池袋3-1-3 ワールドインポートマートビル屋上
◇Nearest station
higashi ikebukuro(東池袋)
April to October / 10:00 to 20:00
November to March / 10:00 to 18:00
※ last admission until one hour before the end
◇Regular holiday
Adults (more than high school student) 2,000 yen
Children (elementary and junior high school students) 1,000 yen
Young children (4 years and older) 700 yen
Senior (over 65 years old) 1,700 yen

Game center

You can enjoy from adult to children regardless of age.
Roughly where the shop also has established a crane game.


Map from the ikebukuro station to the shop

池袋東口(豊島区東池袋1-41-4 池袋とうきゅうビル1~2F)
10:00 to 24:45

—— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ ——

10:00 to 24:45

—— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ ——

10:00 to 24:45



God of childcare, easy delivery.
◇Nearest station
※JR Ikebukuro Station 12-minute walk from (East Exit) Meiji street to Oji direction.
MAP(Japanese site)


It is a temple with over Kishimojin-do(goddess of childbirth and children).
In the spring you can enjoy the cherry-blossom viewing at the cherry trees.
◇Nearest station
■ikebukuro(池袋 駅)
From JR Ikebukuro Station East Exit (Seibu ago), walk through the Meiji street in Shinjuku direction, turn left at the “Minamiikebukuro 3-chome" footbridge, walk about 15 minutes.
■mejiro(目白 駅)
From JR Mejiro Station, about 15 minutes walking Mejiro Avenue to the east.
■kishibojinmae(鬼子母神前 駅)
Walk from Kishibojinmae Station
MAP(Japanese site)

Accommodation in the vicinity Ikebukuro

Popular inn to foreigners
Family Inn Saiko