Four Seasons in Japan


Japan is an island nation of latitude in that was surrounded by the sea around which is located on the east side of the Eurasian continent.
Japan is rich in the change of seasons, you can enjoy the nature and events in every season.

Spring in Japan


Early March still be cold rest, also yet phenomena such as snowfall and snow.
Mid-March, it will begin eased when it comes at a time when it is said that early spring is also the cold of winter.
When it comes to the second half of March began to bloom cherry tree, it looks like cherry blossom front is transmitted.
Report of the cherry blossom front that gradually northward Japanese archipelago is also the Japanese spring tradition.
Cherry blossom viewing while watching the cherry tree is also the one of the spring events continue to be loved now in Japan.
In addition, March, April is also the season of the beginning, this time graduation, admission, is also the time that there is a variety of changes, such as joining or personnel changes.
April, when it comes to May climate is mild, it will be easy to spend the season.
In May, there is a long-term holiday of Golden Week, is spent easy to those who enjoy travel and various events in this season there are many.

Typical events of spring

◇Cherry-blossom viewing
Under the tree of cherry tree, it is a unique convention Japan that fond of the drink and meal while looking forward with ornamental flowers.
Sakura is widely seen trees in Japan. The flowers to compete bloom all at once in the area in a period of time in the spring, and fall in just less than two weeks, has become an important scenery to form a sense of the season of the Japanese.
Since the cherry blossom viewing spot in the metropolitan area are summarized in each main station.

Spot to enjoy the Cherry-blossom viewing in the Tokyo metropolitan area

Miyashita koen(宮下公園)
shinjuku gyoen(新宿御苑)
ueno onshi koen(上野恩賜公園)
sumida koen(隅田公園)
Akihabara neribei koen(秋葉原練塀公園)

Summer in Japan


Summer of Japan is also known that humidity is high. Region of the north is also where you can spend cool, but is characterized by hot and humid become basically.
Temperature during the day is about 30~35 ℃, but often feel a higher sensory temperature than the temperature for the humidity is high, it seems also are those who feel painful for example, if you came from abroad to Japan.
The past few years because of global warming does not have it is also less likely to record a 35 ℃ or more of extremely hot day.
Depending on the location there is also a region that is in 40 ℃ or more, heat stroke has also become a serious problem.
Summer, early summer, rainy season, midsummer, is divided into four late summer, from mid-May until the time it enters the rainy season early summer, from June to rainy season until about the dawn mid-July that the rainy season is the rainy season, the rainy season and it ends when it becomes midsummer.
And, I will be the end of the summer season, it called the late summer to border the time of Obon. Timing of the rainy rainy season, in order to damp the day continues, the mold is more likely to breed.
In addition, there is also damage caused by sudden heavy rain like that guerrilla heavy rain in recent years, is also the time when natural disasters caused by rain is observed.
Midsummer is also the time that those who enjoy the beach and swim in a river increase. This is the season when air conditioners and fans are active in order to avoid the heat, but has in recent years also been cool biz in order to refrain from the use of them even a little recommended.

Typical events of summer

◇Fireworks festival
Summer tradition that represents Japan.
Fireworks, and as it is wrapped by mixing the powder of gunpowder and metal, it ignited, to appreciate the color of the sound and sparks at the time of combustion and explosion, shape, and the like.
For add color to the spark and utilizes a flame reaction of metal, it is possible to put a spark of different shades depending on the type of metal for mixing.
We enjoy the large-flowered, which was launched in the night sky.
Many hosted nationwide from late July to mid-August.

Spot to enjoy the fireworks festival in the Tokyo metropolitan area


◇Sightseeing spot
1.Sumida River Sakura Bridge(隅田川桜橋)
2.Sumida River Kototoi Bridge(隅田川言問橋)
3.Sumida River Komagata Bridge(隅田川駒形橋)
4.Sumida River Umaya Bridge(隅田川厩橋)
◇Nearest station
1.Honjoazuma/Tokyo skytree/asakusa Station(本所吾妻/とうきょうスカイツリー/浅草 駅)
2.Honjoazuma/Tokyo skytree/asakusa Station(本所吾妻/とうきょうスカイツリー/浅草 駅)
3.Honjoazuma/tawaramachi/asakusa Station(本所吾妻/田原町/浅草 駅)
4.kuramae Station(蔵前 駅)

Sumida River fireworks display, along the Sumida River (Asakusa, Mukojima peripheral) in the riverbed of a fireworks display that takes place the last Saturday of every year in July.
It is counted as one of Tokyo’s three major fireworks display along with the Tokyo Bay large fireworks festivals and Edogawa fireworks display to be held annually in August.
Note: To come nearly one million people every year, it is strongly recommended that towards the venue at the earliest possible time.

—— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ ——


Large-scale fireworks display that simultaneously held in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo and Chiba Prefecture, Ichikawa.
It is composed of the program in eight of the themes with different flavor.
Beginning with the opening to launch the 1000 shots in annual 5 seconds, about 75 minutes up to greet the finale in gold crowns like gold line hangs down, production switched one after another is to attract audience.
Note: To come nearly 1.4 million people every year, it is strongly recommended that towards the venue at the earliest possible time.

Autumn in Japan


Until around the beginning of September it is referred to as the lingering summer heat, it is time for the summer heat remains.
However, also started falling temperature and humidity when it comes to mid of September, it should be able to feel the autumn season.
September is also the time when easy landed typhoons, is through the beginning of October from the end of September it is also the season easy to get damage due to a large typhoon.
Autumn, because it is also the season to spend cool, the more people who go to leisure and travel.
Academic autumn, appetite fall, as such reading of autumn, is also the time that is suitable to do something.
Athletic meet through September-October is, cultural festival will be held in each school from October to November.
When it comes to early November, morning and evening chill becomes strong, foliage season is coming.
Japan foliage is characterized by colorful vividness such as red and yellow.
There is also a custom to enjoy the fall foliage such as “autumn leaves", people to see the autumn leaves of the various places you go to the mountain. Once past the mid-November and it will be “late autumn".
Such as the northern and mountainous areas is also coming of winter early, there is also a place where the first snow falls. Autumn leaves began to deciduous, vegetation becomes suggest winter fallen leaves, you will first snow, first freezing, so that season phenomenon of winter such as the first frost is seen.

Typical events of autumn

◇Appreciation of autumn leaves
Deciduous trees began coloring to yellow or red, it will often go out in appreciation of autumn leaves and greet the bloom of autumn leaves.
Japan is called that to appreciate the autumn leaves and known as [maple hunting] is, so do not actually take the autumn leaves, let’s note in breach of manners.
And the view from a distance is also good, and also good to stroll through the autumn leaves, let’s enjoy the Japanese autumn.

Spot to enjoy the fall foliage in the Tokyo metropolitan area


◇Nearest station
9:30 to 17:00
Note:There is a change by the time
◇Regular holiday
・12/31 and 1/1
・Fourth Monday and the following day of February.
◇Facility usage fee
80 yen fee for children
Elementary and junior high school students (preschool children free)
Adult charges 410 yen
High school students more than the target ※ 65 or more years of age 210 yen
■ Disc Golf
Course fee for use score card is free
Rental disk
3 hours at 200 yen deposit 200 yen (post-return)
* If you have a disk is available in only entrance fee of the park.

Beautifully appointed Namiki and Canal as European garden, large fountain has been popular as a healing place of many coming garden party.
Covers an area of about Tokyo Dome 39 pieces, seasonal flowers are other cycling and boating to enjoy a large panorama, you active facilities such as barbecue is set in the popular “Children’s Forest" in children who align a variety of play equipment.
When it comes to summer, also will open the Tokyo metropolitan area the largest of the Rainbow Pool.
Yellow leaves and foliage festival will be held in early November.

—— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ ——


◇Nearest station
Japanese official site (which can be translated and select the language)

From the center of Tokyo for about one hour, you can enjoy a slowly hiking.
One of the mountain is located in the eastern margin of the Kanto Mountains.
It has been designated a National park, camping and barbecue, etc., also, the collection of plants, are also prohibited the capture of birds.
There is a safe climbing courses for beginners, you can also feel free to climb the famous cable car at a steep gradient of Japan.

Winter in Japan


In some areas it will be the arrival of the season of snow.
Temperature is lowered, 0 ℃ following winter day, the more the day, such as midwinter day. There are also areas where snow 2~3m piles up in some places.
However, some areas do not have snow in some places, you can also spend a relatively mild winter in the temperature does not fall so much area.
When it comes to December, look like falling snow in the Pacific Ocean west of the Tokai region, the heavy snowfall will be difficult to melt the snow.
The time of the Christmas illuminations sparkle, also flow here and there Christmas song. However, when Christmas has passed, illumination changes and to rapidly New Year decorations.
New Year is also the time of Bon same homecoming rush. From the New Year dawn until the first day of spring it is said to be the most cold season even one year.
Because sunlight is weak, it is also the time when smarting seen cold and the wind blows it not felt the warmth even sunny.
And later in February the first day of spring will become the time of the end of winter. When it comes to this season, also cold softened, it will become easier to spend relatively.
When it comes to March to become the end of the year, so also at a time when the balance sheet and transfer is carried out it has become the hectic period towards the new year.
And also started plum blossoms bloom with warm, come the spring season when the raging wind, called the [first spring storm].

Typical events of winter

illumination◇Illumination event
Collect pale light of a light source using a mainly light-emitting diode and optical cable, and to shape and illumination signage, landscape, person, creating the scenery at night.
Often carried out as an event in the Christmas season, stations and commercial facilities, hotels, etc., will be held in various places.

Note:In some cases, the event is not held by the various circumstances.

Spot to enjoy the illumination in the Tokyo metropolitan area


◇Nearest station
17:00 to 23:00
◇Holding period
From November early next year per February
◇Charge free

Yurakucho Metropolitan is along Naka-dori Marunouchi connecting the Otemachi.
About street trees about 240 along the road up to 1.2Km will shine light in the LED about 1.06 million balls of champagne gold.

—— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ —— ◇ ——


◇Nearest station
17:00 to 23:00
◇Holding period
From early November until Christmas (December 25)
◇Charge free

The 'Midtown Cruise’ in concept, it will color the whole town of midtown in a variety of illumination.