Cruz Sea – Let’s go to see the cruz sea cross where your wishes come true


Sightseeing the sea of ​​Cruz

The sea of ​​Cruz where wishes come true is a scenic spot on the coast in Hososhima, Hyuga City, Miyazaki Prefecture.

Do you understand the photo?
Rocks have been cut away by wave erosion like a cross, forming a cross-shaped sea.
The columnar rock is 200 meters east-west, 220 meters north-south, and splits 10 meters high.


There is a small rocky place outside the cross-shaped rock.
It is also said that when combined, it also looks like the kanji “Kano", so that when you pray, “Wishes come true."


Everything “cruz" means “cross" in Portuguese.
It is also called “the sea of ​​Cruz" by adding the “sea" to it.

In addition, since the Hyuga City has set up the “Cruz Bell that Wishes Will Come True", I think it is the best place for a date course.
It might be good for Christians too.


However, it is a mysterious beauty because it is beautifully shaped like a cross, even though it is a natural beauty.

As I was alone, I went to the back of Cape Hyuga without making a wish, but when I thought about it later, I felt very useless.
Anything is fine, so I should have chanted my wish in my heart.
We hope you will make your wishes and be happy.

Transportation to the sea of ​​Cruz

The journey takes about 10 minutes and there is a parking space nearby.
Let’s go to the observatory by car.

If you’re taking pictures, sunshine may be better in the morning.
You can also enjoy " Umagase “, a tourist attraction of Cape Hyuga .
Map of Cruz Sea Observatory