Mie Prefecture is located in the southeastern part of the Kinki region, facing Isewan in the east and Kumanonada in the southeast. The Ise Shrine was enshrined in Ise City, and commerce developed in the Edo period with the background of Ise religion. During the Second World War, the petrochemical industry was developed in Yokkaichi City in the north, and the automobile industry was developed in Suzuka City after the war, occupying a part of the Chukyo Industrial Zone. The Ueno basin in the western part is in the commuting area of Osaka, and residential land development is active, and the southern part is surrounded by scenic spots belonging to both Ise Shima and Yoshino Kumano national parks centering on the coast, depending on forestry, fishing and aquaculture fishing High degree.


Introduction of Ise Jingu

Ise Shrine(Ise jingu) is the most prestigious shrine in Japan, enshrined by Amaterasu, the s ...