Aoshima Shrine – A historic southern sacred place surrounded by demon washing rock and free parking

Aoshima Shrine

Introduction of Aoshima Shrine

Aoshima Shrine is a shrine located in Aoshima, 1.5 km from Aoshima, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture.

The gods of the gods are Tianjin Hidakahiko Hikami, a goddess of Amatatsu Hidaka, and Hikoto Hidaka, a goddess of his goddess, and Tomitama Himeto, a goddess of the gods. (Wolf of Shiotsutsu).
Emperor Hiori and Himeyo Toyoda are the grandfather of Emperor Jinmu , the first emperor .


Sightseeing Aoshima Shrine

Known as a marriage shrine, it was a mecca for honeymoons in Showa era in Japan.

It is said that when Hikobi Idemitsu returned from Kaizoku-miya, he built a Miyai in Qingdao.
It is said that Yayoi pottery has been excavated from the former shrine site.
In the old days, it was also called Awashima, Shidano Ukishima, or Kamotsushima.

Foundation is quite old so, but in 1503 the year of the Warring States Period, Tonogori Castle main- Ito InYu has been revived by.
In the Edo era, he was revered by Mr. Ito’s Obi clan, but a large earthquake that occurred in the Hyuga Nada in 1662 caused a tsunami of about 5 meters, and he said that valuable ancient documents were washed away.

Qingdao Shrine

Until the middle of the Edo period, the only places where you can enter the island are sacred places where the priests and the Obi clan are dedicated to the island, and from March 16 to the end of March the lunar calendar only allows people from the territory to visit the island. It was said that it was.
It seems that he worshiped from the land beach, but Nagatomo, who works as a shrine, offered to the lord to visit ordinary people to visit Oshima, and it is said that worship was finally possible.
The shrine was destroyed by fire in 1974 and was rebuilt afterwards.


At the precincts, there were fortune-telling that could be enjoyed for a small amount like an attraction, such as “Excavation of the sea", “Spinning spirit paper", and “Heaven’s message".
I think it’s okay to have something like this, but I don’t believe in fortune telling, so I don’t usually do fortune.


I think that luck is a breakthrough on my own, but I want to fulfill my wish with a big wish, so at the shrine, I am inspiring to offer money.
So now, anyone can worship over the splendid bridge called Yayoi Bridge.
There seem to be two types of red seal stamps, so when you ask, it seems to be a good idea to ask for two.


Qingdao is designated as a national special natural monument as a colony of tropical and subtropical plants, and the entire island is the precincts of Qingdao Shrine.

The island is surrounded by demon washboards, but this is a special monument of a regular country.

However, this washing rock is also a very precious natural molding beauty.
It’s no wonder old people believe that God made it.


However, the sandy beach is also very beautiful and good.
Children will find it fun to find small fish and hermit crabs in the tide pools between the rocks, but be careful as they slide a lot.
If you like flowers, we recommend the Aoshima Prefectural Subtropical Botanical Garden.

Transportation to the Qingdao

It is a convenient way to get to Qingdao by train, just a 10-minute walk from JR Qingdao Station.
A luxurious resort train called Umisachi Yamasachi, a sightseeing limited express of JR Kyushu, also stops at Qingdao Station.

In the case of a car, the road leading to Qingdao was a Qingdao approaching shopping street, and there was no parking at the time of the visit.

If you park at free parking, you can walk out to the sea and walk along the coast.
I walked on a different road to go and return.
However, this free parking lot is almost full even on weekdays.
During congestion, it is advisable to use a 500 yen paid P that is solicited around you.

Qingdao also has a promenade that you can go round and round.
Aoshima Shrine tour time is about 40 to 90 minutes.

If a large earthquake occurs near the sea floor, the tsunami is surely coming.
According to the damage forecast of the Nankai Trough Earthquake, Miyazaki City is expected to reach a tsunami of up to 16 meters.
If you feel a strong earthquake, we ask you to immediately blame the hill.
The nearby Qingdao Grand Hotel building has been designated as a tsunami evacuation building, so please note it.
Map of Aoshima Shrine

Demon Washing Rock

On the southern part of this day, there is the “Demon’s Washing Rock", which is called “wavy rock".
In any case, about 7 million years ago, aqua rocks formed in the sea (a stratum of hard sandstone and soft mudstone repeatedly piled up) were raised by the earthquake.
Over the years, they were washed away by the waves, so that only the hard sandstone layers appeared to be piled up like boards.
Although it can be seen in Qingdao introduced above, it can be seen everywhere along the coastline of about 8 km from Qingdao to the south of Pujiki Island.

Below is “Oni no Washiniwa" on the way to Udo Jingu Shrine , with a restaurant.

As you can see, the demon’s washing rock was found all over the place, and was also seen on the coastline that entered Udo Shrine.
Since the demon’s washing rock is not only one place, it is described just in case.