Venus Climate Orbiter “Akatsuki” last re-entry imminent


Japan has launched Venus Orbiter the “Akatsuki" on May 21, 2015. Akatsuki is decelerated by the reverse jet engine on December 7 of that year, was a plan to orbit around the approaching Venus, did not allow sufficient deceleration in mechanical trouble.
As a result, the Akatsuki is now an artificial planet around the sun.

But JAXA Institute of Space and Astronautical Science of Japan to manage the satellite did not give in, after the orbital calculation of the more mind-boggling, the most probability of success is to select a high orbit, just five years after Japan time by December 7 (Mon. ) in the morning, I will re-entry to the Venus orbit.

Design service life also passed, in response to the sun of high fever, so use up the fuel in the re-injection, is this the last chance.

Detailed results I will at a later date on this site.

[Breaking] Japan time December 7: engine injection planned end for orbit on.
It performs a precise orbits confirmed, scheduled a press conference two days later.