A Moai statue was also found in Miyazaki, Japan-Easter Island landscape at Sun Messe Nichinan


Introduction of Moai statue in Miyazaki

Everything is said to be a “Moai statue" on Easter Island in the Nichinan of Miyazaki, so I stopped by while staying in Miyazaki for 3 days and 4 days.

First of all, this moai statue was not installed here just because of its rarity.

Easter Island, located 3,800 km off Chile’s South Pacific, has about 9,000 moai statues.
Fifteen moais, dating from the 12th to 15th centuries and more than 5m high in tourist spots that are often featured on television and photographs, collapsed in the Chilean earthquake and fell around.
Tadano, a Japanese crane maker who learned about the disaster, sent a 50-ton crane free of charge, and the moais of Ahu Tongariki re-emerged in three years.
And it is now a World Heritage Site.
In addition to the 15 Moais who stood on Ahu, only about 5 are said to be standing on Easter Island.

Then, the Pacific Ocean can be seen very beautifully, so I will say Moai to Nichinan, and since there was a connection between Tadano Co., Ltd. and Ichitoen, the mother of Sun Messe Nichinan, the elder of Easter Island The Society has allowed the Moai to be reprinted in Japan for the first time in the world.

The seven giant moai statues were faithfully reproduced with the official permission of the Easter Island Presbytery for the first time in the world.

Sightseeing Moai statues


Although there are many typhoons, the wind speed is 60 m / sec, and the earthquake seems to have a strong design that can withstand a seismic intensity of 9, so from saying that it is “ strong ", the seven moais in Sun Messe Nichinan are It is said to have the power to raise various fortunes.

From the left side toward the sea, “work luck" “health luck" “love luck" and in the middle are “whole luck", “marriage luck" “gold luck" “study luck", it is effective to actually touch Moai There is …
It is said that taking two-shot photos with your favorite moai will increase your fortune.


The park is large and there is a restaurant at the top.
Other facilities include a tower in the sky (observation deck), a museum, and a contact ranch.

Sunmesse Nichinan is located on the slope of the mountain, so if you are traveling with a family, you can rent a paid round car and climb the hill to enjoy the whole park.
The driver needs to show a driver’s license for the car, but the pet dog can ride with it.
If you rent a cart for 1000 yen for 30 minutes, go to the top and eat at the restaurant, you can get a 90-minute extension service ticket of the cart.


As a matter of fact, it takes about 21 hours to fly to Easter Island to see the real moai just by flying.
Naturally, the travel cost is low and each person costs 500,000 yen, so it is worthwhile to go to Sun Messe Nichinan just to see the Moai that has been precisely restored.


Transportation to the Moai statue in Miyazaki

It is a transportation access, but you can see the coastal scenery and walk off the prefectural road 220 of Miyazaki and go up the road, you will see the entrance of the parking lot.
At the gate, pay 700 yen per adult and stop the car at the parking lot (220 cars) ahead.
0-3 years old is free.
Business hours are from 9:30 to 17:00 in the morning, and the regular holiday is the first Wednesday and the third Wednesday. However, there is no holiday in August and holidays are excluded.
Since the parking lot is not so large, it seems that there is some traffic during the GW and Obon period.

Luggage will be stored free of charge at the stalls if you visit by route bus.

If it is fine, the deep blue Pacific Ocean is waiting below you.
By all means, why don’t you stop by when you go near you?
Udo Jingu is also available as a set.
Map of Moai statue in Miyazaki